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Last Updated: July 21, 2022


Quite probably the biggest battle royale title out there, Fortnite was bound to bring out the best in competitive players and create an amazing e-sports scene of its own.

With millions of active players and huge tournaments in place, it shouldn’t be as tough to see who is the best Fortnite player, right?

Well, not really. We would not be betting on eSports based just on this, but let’s take a look at the best of the best as we show you why we feel this way!



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Arkhram tops the list as the best Fortnite player in the world at the moment, and for a reason. He’s had a great year behind him and has a skillset topped with great accuracy, making him very difficult to play against when solo.

However, he mainly enjoys Duos and Squads as he usually joins forces with EpikWhale to dominate the North America West.

Diego ‘Arkhram’ Palma has been crucial in Trios as Rehx joined the two for the most part of 2021 before Reet replaced him, orchestrating some great comebacks and filling the highlight reels along the way.

Arkhram currently plays for 100 Thieves and has total earnings estimated to be almost $1,000,000 as of late 2021.

He’s been especially impressive at Dreamhack Open NAW Series, where he was crowned champion, and it felt like there’s been no looking back since. Many feel 2022 will be just as much of his year, but competition will be fierce.



It’s impossible to mention Arkhram without talking about EpikWhale. The two go hand in hand and perfectly complement each other, making a cohesive unit tough to beat.

They have shown it off many times in 2021, and this takes both to the top of the Fortnite best players list by no mistake.

He has arguably had more success Solo, and only the fact EpikWhale hasn’t been as successful in 2021 sets him behind Arkhram for many fans.

He’s made well over $1,000,000 in earnings with more solo wins in 2020 and more focus shifted to Squads in 2021.

EpikWhale is currently part of NRG Esports alongside Bucke, Clix, Edgey, and Zayt in a star-studded line-up.

He switched to a controller for assault rifle aim, and it paid off in tournaments, as EpikWhale kept himself among the best Fortnite players for years since snatching the 3rd spot at the World Cup back in 2019.


Thriving in Europe is never easy and to be among the top players there at the young age of 15 or 16 is an impressive feat.

JannisZ has had success in Solo and in Squads, quickly rising through the ranks as he’s shown great sense for the game – enjoying great success competitively and catching the eye of many along the way.

After spending almost two years with Wave Esports, he’s now part of Guild Esports together with his compatriot Rezon ay as well as Anas and Hen.

He’s enjoyed Squad gameplay with Vadeal and Noahreyli lately while he finished second in Duos Cash Cup: Chapter 3 Season 1 – Week 1 with Vortex in January.

JannisZ was praised by many when he won two FNCS tournaments in one year, and fans predict great things for the German star in 2022.

He’s generally active on social media too, often uploading to YouTube and streaming on Twitch which got him a great fan base across the globe.



One of the pioneers in the competitive scene from back in his days with Team Flush, Benjyfishy remains one of the big Fortnite champions and just keeps delivering.

He’s been most active in Squads lately, taking part in Trios Cash Cup and Fortnite Champion Series.

Benjyfishy has impressed alongside Endretta and MrSavage as they consistently finished in the top 10 in late 2021, with ten top 3 finishes since April – whether it’s Solo, Duo, or the Squad competitions.

He is currently part of NRG Esports and mainly competes in Europe, which makes his feats all the more important.

With total earnings of over $500,000, Benjyfishy certainly has a lot yet to show, and the fans can only hope as he becomes a well-oiled machine with Endretta and MrSavage.

Interestingly, he hasn’t been as active streaming on Twitch lately but has been vlogging a lot on YouTube and was rated one of the ten most tweeted about Esports stars in 2021.



Saf was the most active through 2019 and was widely considered one of the best players in the game, which gets him a spot on our list as well.

He mostly enjoyed playing Solo and Duos, winning three Tier 1 tournaments from February 2019 to April 2020 – including Secret Skirmish, ESL Katowice Royale, and FNCS Chapter 2 Season 2 in NA East.

He was part of TrainHard eSport until June 2021, when the team disbanded, and Falconly, Matsoe, Umplify, TheVic, and Skite all went their separate ways.

Interestingly, Saf was the only US player on the roster, and most of the other stars were from France.

Saf announced he’s retiring from competitive Fortnite gaming in January 2022, after what’s been no more than sporadic success with Squads with Αjerss and Khanada in late 2021.

He’s publicly criticized the game beforehand, but it still came as a shock to many. Saf has left a great mark on the game and has influenced many younger players over the years with some gameplay impossible to forget.



After playing with TaySon and Chapix in Squads in late 2021, Hen seems to turn to Solo and Duos in early 2022.

He’s been quite successful in Solo Cash Cups and Duo Cash Cups, so the year ahead looks bright for the Englishman in Lithuania if it’s not too early to judge.

Hen won the Fortnite Champion Series: Grand Royale 2021 in November and impressed to garner a huge fan base, although it’s hard to say he only got on the map.

2021 has been a great year for Hen in general with eight Cash Cup top spots in Squads.

Hen joined Guild Esports back in December 2020 after two spells with Become Legends, still representing the team co-owned by David Beckham after extending his contract in January 2022.

He’s known for his shotgun skills and just kept improving over the past couple of seasons, which spells good things just as much.



Chapix joined Falcons Esport in August 2021 but has played alongside TaySon for quite some time beforehand too, as the two made considerable success with Hen, Rezon, and Reet rotated in the third spot in the Squad.

He has enjoyed Solo and Duo competitions too, with many top 10 spots in Cash Cup over the course of 2021.

Interestingly, Chapix was close to quitting Fortnite as well, but success in Fortnite Champion Series turned it all around for him. He now seemingly enjoys it more than ever, and it feels like the only way is up now.

Chapix, Tayson, and Hen won the Fortnite Champion Series: Grand Royale 2021 in November and showed off among Europe’s elite. Chapix has been crucial for the squad, and their cohesion really paid off when it mattered the most.



Their November success was the record fourth Fortnite Champion Series title for TaySon as the Slovenian star showed off once again.

He certainly impressed both Solo and in Squads, shining brightly among Europe’s stars as one of the main attractions the competitive scene has to offer.

TaySon has been switching between teams in search of a perfect fit for quite some time, changing five jerseys before signing with Falcons Esports in July 2021.

2022 hasn’t started as good, but a top 10 finish in Duos with Th0masHD is hardly something to be ashamed of.

Still, it could be a sign of TaySon’s displeasure with the game mechanics, as he’s been one of the harshest critics of Chapter 3 Season 1.

We certainly hope to see an exciting year for TaySon, though, as a long-standing reign earned him a great fan base and set up even higher expectations.



Bugha wrote his name in gold letters in Fortnite history when he won the World Cup back in 2019, setting himself apart from his peers and never really stopping.

He’s enjoyed playing with Mero and Skqttles lately, winning the Duos Cash Cup Chapter 3 Season 1 with the former in January.

After a short stint with No Clout back in 2018, Bugha signed with Sentinels in March 2019, and he’s still part of a long-standing roster with Animal, Aspect, and Zyfa.

He won the Fortnite Champion Series in NA East with Duke and Mero in November too, adding another major trophy to a glittery career.

Bugha has earned over $3,000,000 over the past four years and is the highest-paid Fortnite player ever.

His influence in the United States is immense, and even got him in-game skins and his own game mode in 2021, showing him as one of the greatest to play the game again.



Th0masHD has had an illustrious 2021 and has been close to the top through most part of it, sticking with Anas and joined by Queasy more recently.

The trio won 12 top 3 spots, including five top spots and Fortnite Champion Series Load Session win. In the first part of the year, Th0masHD and Anas were joined by Flikk and found themselves in the top 3 spots 13 times across tournaments.

He joined Astralis in November 2021 after a year spent with Gamma Gaming, headlining the roster. Th0masHD played with TaySon in early 2022 and finished in the top 10 most recently, showing signs of what could be a great partnership this year.

Competitive gaming seemingly took from his streaming and online presence, though, as we hardly get to see Th0masHD streaming on Twitch lately. Still, it’s well worth it if he can keep climbing the ranks as we saw glimpses of great things to come!


Jahq has really used 2021 and came out as a more complete player than what we’ve seen beforehand.

He started shining in Chapter Two Season 2, and it really felt like he’s climbing the ranks since, with ten top 3 spots taken across competitions since April 2021.

He joined forces with Acorn and Slackes through most part of the year, finishing second four times in Trios Cash Cups and some falling just short of the top spot, while also finishing third in Fortnite Champion Series in late November.

2022 started off well too, with a third spot won in Duos Cash Cup: Chapter 3 Season 1 alongside Illest.

After spells with Apex and Vanish, Jahq joined G2 Esports North America in December 2020 and is now the longest-standing active member of the team.

He has impressed with game sense and just keeps building on an impressive skillset in Solo, Duos, and Squads, dominating NA East contests more often than not.


Tfue has been one of the biggest names in Fortnite and his Fortnite Champions Series success from September 2019 to April 2020 really set him apart.

He’d played with Khanada and Scoped the most and got several big top 3 finishes, including a Duos win with Scoped in April.

Most notably, Tfue has been a member of FaZe Clan, but it somehow started wearing off for him through 2020. He enjoyed his success and garnered a huge fan base with over 10 million Twitch followers, as one of the most popular and profitable players out there.

Tfue soon stopped playing Fortnite altogether and moved on to other titles. Most recently, he’s been playing Apex Legends and openly criticized Fortnite as lacking character and fun players in general.

He believes he’d double his viewership by playing Fortnite more actively but has also said he just doesn’t enjoy it.



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Zayt has certainly been one of the best Fortnite players when active, and although he retired for the second time in April 2021, he left a great legacy, and this list would hardly be complete without him.

He’s switched to being a Valorant player since and turned to content creation rather than pro gaming, where he excelled, to say the least.

With NRG Esports, Zayt impressed and dominated NA alongside his Duo Saf. He won the Katowice Royale back in 2019, and there was no looking back, as the Canadian pro always felt on top of the game.

He still remains one of the highest earners in Fortnite, and his legacy only becomes more obvious with that in mind.

Best Fortnite Players: Summary

We will end our list there, although there’s always something or rather somebody to add, with at least a couple of honorable mentions in our mind.

With an ever-changing Meta in Fortnite, it’s hard to predict the future, but we expect many of these names challenged by newcomers as well – although most of them are projected to be building on the success we’ve seen through 2021 and 2022.





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