Best Valorant Players in The World – Who Is At The Top?


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Last Updated: July 21, 2022


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With Project A and Valorant Beta now already well behind us, Valorant just kept growing in 2022. The Riot Games’ FPS pushed strongly into competitive gameplay, seemingly hovering in-between Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch.

Acend ended the year on a high with almost $850,000 in prizes in the Berlin finals earlier this month, leaving many questions about the game’s ecosystem and its future.

Regardless, we now hit the brakes and take a look at the best Valorant players of 2022!

How Do We Rate Best Valorant Players?

There’s no going around it! It ultimately comes down to slim margins and subjective opinions we have to share. There are a few top 10 lists everyone will fully agree on, and we accept that.

We try to build our opinion on their success, skills we’ve seen top Valorant players show off, team impact, clutch moments, and more.

Let’s get on with our attempt at answering the question of who is the best Valorant player so you can place your eSport bets right.



Acend have had a very successful year as they quickly established themselves in Europe since entering Valorant in March. cNed played a crucial role and kept shining throughout a year, crowned with Valorant Champions 2021 win over Gambit.

While he hasn’t been as impressive as some expected in Berlin, many will say cNed has been the most consistent Valorant player this year. This brings him to the top of our list.

He plays primarily as Jett and boasts great reflexes, ease when changing the dynamics, and so much more.



Gambit’s own superhero, nAts has had just as much to show off. He seems to enjoy defensive roles more but will get kills as a lurker – and one of the best in the game, if we might add.

He played a huge role as the Russian team dominated in 2021, with two important S-Tier performances now behind them.

You can often see CS:GO experience working in his favor, as nAts has the ability to adapt his gameplay and earns himself the nickname the Russian Aim God.



TenZ had his breakthrough in early 2021 as he made a move to Sentinels and helped the team win Stage 2 Masters in Reykjavik. He was simply amazing in Finland and got himself a following from across the world.

However, a more disappointing route towards the end of the year meant a more disappointing finish for TenZ as well, despite showing off with great skills and a respectable K/D ratio.




A versatile Duelist and an entertaining streamer, it was no wonder when keznit got a spot on KRU Esports’ starting roster. KRU will be happy with their Valorant Champions 2021 top 4 finish, where keznit certainly earned his spot among the top Valorant players.

He’s been turning heads with rock-solid ACS and confidence, just as well as the amazing performance against Fnatic despite no great consistency overall.



Team Liquid leader and Counter-Strike superstar, ScreaM earns himself the nickname Headshot Machine for a reason. He employs some top aiming as Team Liquid guns-blazing Duelist, often marked with pushing for the kill.

It felt like ScreaM was improving his game every time we saw him, too. Having led his team to a top 4 finish at Valorant Champions 2021, he has a bright future ahead.



Sentinels truly put on a lot of pressure, and we’ve seen them very convincing in eight A-tier tournaments as well as the Stage 2 Masters in Reykjavik.

ShahZam has not only been able to cope, but the IGL proved his great tactical awareness as well as the ability to make clutch decisions. ShahZam is very versatile and a player every team would wish for, managing to shine in a star-studded lineup such as Sentinels.


yay really showed off at Stage 3 Masters in Berlin and led Team Envy to 2nd place. He really enjoyed the move and sometimes felt like the only one keeping it close against Gambit.

However, a failure to impress at Valorant Champions 2021 in early December sets him down lower on our list and leaves yay with a lot yet to prove in 2022.



A natural-born entertainer and million-dollar smile bound to attract attention at any tournament. Boaster boasts an intelligent approach to leadership, with the Fnatic lineup always promising a lot.

Just like the team, Boaster enjoyed a great couple of months, April through July but failed to live up to the expectations at Red Bull Home Ground #2 and Valorant Champions 2021.


Vision Strikers’ Duelist and often virtual carry, BuZz has his ups and downs. Still, he’ll literally have all eyes on him when hot. He’s really tough to cope with, and he cemented his place among the top Valorant players in Korea from February through August.

BuZz was outstanding at Valorant Champions 2021 Day 1, too, and we certainly hope to see more from him in 2022 as he works on his consistency across the board.



Chronicle gets a place much higher on some other lists with great highlights, especially in the second half of the year. He has much to offer as Gambit look fearsome with him backing nAts, but we feel Chronicle needs the spotlight more if he’s to show off the top skills.

He really enjoyed Valorant Champions 2021, and Chronicle certainly has what it takes to build on the sentiment after getting the 2nd highest K/D ratio at 1.28.


It’s never an easy task to rank players at any given time, with tons of different aspects to consider. Valorant has many former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive stars and best Fortnite players, so it looks like there is no going back from here.

The game is bound to keep growing, especially in the competitive domain, and we can’t wait to see how the best Valorant players grow in 2022. With honorable mentions too many to count, we hope to see new additions to this exciting list too – which gives all of us a lot to look forward to!





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