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Last Updated: March 13, 2024

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Among Us characters have become synonyms of the Covid epidemic and having a good time with friends. While we are no longer confined to our homes, the game continues to be a source of joy for many players.

The rise of Android emulators for PC has made this free Android app accessible to PC gamers as well, who now don’t have to purchase the title through the Steam platform. This in turn has enabled the title to shoot up in popularity, with many new players stepping into the Among Us universe.

So how does it work? You might not need the best gaming setup of 2024 to boot up Among Us, but you’ll need to know how things work. That’s why in this article, we’ll go over all of the Among Us characters and everything you need to know about them.

Characters in Among Us- What Are They?

The Among Us characters are crewmembers of a large spaceship wandering around in the cosmos. These short humanoid-like beings are presented as gender-neutral characters, only distinguishable by the color of their spacesuit.

Nobody knows if they are girls or boys, as their purpose is to be faceless avatars players can choose in the game. They all have backpacks, which is probably for carrying tools or oxygen tanks.

Which are necessary, as they wander around the spaceship going about their usual tasks. That is until the ship gets invaded by a mysterious and deadly impostor. The goal of the players goes from carrying out these routine tasks to tracking down the impostor, once his presence has been unveiled by the way of murder.


Among Us Character Names

The crew members usually have no hierarchy or specializations, but once the game shifts toward locating the impostor, they obtain different roles. As for their names, it largely depends on how you decide to name them.

If you want to try out a different look, you can change your name and color before the start of every round. This is a simple process achieved by going to the “Online” menu, where you will find the “Enter Name” option.

This option is not available while a round has started, so as not to ruin the integrity of the game and cause confusion amongst players. So think of something unique to yourself and stick to it. The same way Valorant names work.

Among Us Character Colors

As of 2024, there are 17 color schemes through which Among us characters can be distinguished. These are: 

  • Red – Color ID 0
  • Blue – Color ID 1
  • Green – Color ID 2
  • Pink – Color ID 3
  • Orange – Color ID 4
  • Black – Color ID 6
  • White – Color ID 7
  • Purple – Color ID 8
  • Brown – Color ID 9
  • Cyan – Color ID 10
  • Lime – Color ID 11
  • Maroon – Color ID 12
  • Rose – Color ID 13
  • Banana – Color ID 14
  • Gray – Color ID 15
  • Tan – Color ID 16
  • Coral – Color ID 17

Unfortunately, you can’t customize your Among Us character in the Main Menu. You have to be in a game, so just either start a local game by yourself or join an online game. Once you’re in the lobby, walk over to the laptop in the upper left and click on it to open the character customization screen.

There you will trigger a pop giving all of the customizable options. These include Color, Hat, Pet, Skin, and even the Map. You can’t choose a color that another player is already using. But everything else is fair game, if you have paid for it in one of the DLCs.

Among Us Character Roles

As of 2024, there are 2 main and 5 secondary roles for Among Us characters. The two primary roles characters in Among Us are divided into are Crewmate and Imposter. Of these, the Crewmate role then splits into 5 secondary roles.

These are Ghosts, Guardian Angels, Engineers, Scientists, and Shapeshifters. This last one was recently added and was not part of the game upon its release in 2018, but it does make for a nice new twist. Here’s how their responsibilities breakdown:


In Among Us, everyone who isn’t an Imposter is a Crewmate. These players are responsible for carrying out different tasks assigned to them by the game. They go around the spaceship with the objective of completing these tasks, and that’s why most people who don’t play the game know about them.

Once a murder has been reported, another objective is introduced to the crewmates. They must eliminate all impostors among their ranks before they are killed or the imposters sabotage their tasks and the ship, ending the game in their favor.

Just like with their usual tasks, Crewmates must communicate and cooperate to track down and eliminate the Imposters. This is mostly done by holding emergency meetings, where they can discuss any suspicious activity they have noticed, and decide which crew member to kick out.

If they correctly identify and vote out all imposters before they fall victim, or if they complete all of the given tasks, the Crewmates will end the game in their favor.



When the Imposter does his job properly, a Crewmate is eliminated and he turns into a Ghost. Like the ghosts from tales, they no longer have contact with the environment and the rest of the players.

They are still able to wander freely across the map without being seen by impostors, but they can’t take any action against those who did them wrong. Additionally, since ghosts can move through walls, they have a special view of the map and its layout.

This comes in handy when trying to complete the tasks they set out to do initially. Yes, they can still do them and help their teammates achieve the main objective. They can also provide them with additional information regarding the Imposters, but can’t reveal their identity.

Guardian Angels 

The first Crewmate that dies, is resurrected as a Guardian Angel, not a Ghost. While it might feel like a small dose of consolidation after being the first to fall victim, Guardian Angels are actually very important.

They can briefly give shields to Crewmates who have been attacked, saving their lives. But in the end, it’s just about making the first eliminated player feel engaged. 


The role of the Scientist in the Crewmate role is to make sure everyone is doing well. If someone gets eliminated by the Imposter in a remote area, the Scientist can identify the victim by himself, without going to a particular room.

That’s because Scientists in Among Us characters carry a portable display containing all of the vital information. The trade off is that they have to complete tasks to charge it and to be able to use it.

But with a proper strategy, a Scientist can bring a lot of value to his team of Crewmates. This also means that they are most likely to be the first target of the Imposter. That’s just how game balancing works!


Just like in real life, Engineers are crucial to making a spaceship function properly. They can repair any system that the Imposters have sabotaged. Additionally, they can determine which rooms have already been examined.

Thus, you and your Crewmates don’t have to go through the same rooms twice to find evidence. On top of this, Engineers can examine camera footage and unveil crucial evidence. From location to numbers and motive, Engineers are thorn in the sight of anyone plotting against the team.

But like always, Engineers have cooldowns on their abilities. This makes the game more balanced and adds a layer of strategizing to the gameplay. So it’s easy to understand why Engineers would be near the top of the priority list for most Imposters.


Likewise, the main goal of an impostor in Among Us is to sabotage the spaceship by preventing Crewmembers from completing their tasks. This is done by either terminating the players or causing enough confusion to hinder their progress until time runs out.

To achieve this, this player must remain anonymous and avoid suspicion at all costs so he doesn’t get voted out. This is done by blending in with the rest of the crew, providing some information that is purposely misleading and counterproductive in order to sabotage the ship.

Imposters can move rapidly and go unnoticed by other players if they use specific vents of the ship. But be careful, since getting noticed using these vents is like an automatic death sentence because you will be voted off.


The Shapeshifter is the newest addition to the Among Us character class. This brand-new secondary role is rather intriguing because it can disguise itself as any Crewmate. When in reality, it’s the Crewmate that is an Imposter.

Any player on the field, including all Crewmembers and Imposters, can have their look mimicked by the Shapeshifter. But the Shapeshifter must obtain a sample from his target, which could be tricky and alert the other players.

When camouflaged, they can get kills and traverse the map at great speeds, making them harder to track and pin down. But the Shapeshifter must be careful.

His ability has a duration and a cooldown timer which must be respected. If his actions are not properly planned, his cover might drop in front of the other Crewmates.

Thankfully, Shapeshifters have a set of special tasks they need to complete to get away from the rest of the players. But they also need to come up with a way to justify it.

What is Among Us?

In case you missed it, Among Us was the hottest thing online back in 2020. The multiplayer online game which was developed and published by InnerSloth, hit the internet in 2018. However, it wasn’t until 2020 that it gained immense popularity due to its accessibility, simple mechanics, and engaging social gameplay.

We sure needed that back in the days of lockdowns. The game is set on a spaceship or space station where players are divided into two groups: Crewmates and Impostors.

The objective of the Crewmates is to complete tasks around the map, while Impostors aim to sabotage the ship and kill Crewmates without being caught. While it sounds simple, the game’s skill level comes from successful deception, as Crewmates must identify the Impostors among them while Impostors try to blend in and manipulate the situation.

Communication is the name of the game here, as players discuss suspicions, alibis, and provide evidence during meetings. These meetings are usually called when a dead body is reported or an emergency arises.

Discussions lead to voting, where players can decide to eject someone they suspect to be an Impostor. However, wrongful ejections can lead to Impostors gaining an advantage. The game has a few maps, each with its own layout and tasks. 

This adds variety to the gameplay. Additionally, customization options allow players to personalize their characters with different colors, hats, and pets.

“Among Us” became a cultural phenomenon, making a big swing on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Players started streaming their gameplay and entertained audiences as its simplicity and social aspect made it accessible to players of all ages, contributing to its widespread appeal.

InnerSloth has continued to update the game even after lockdowns ended. They’ve added new maps, additional features, and cosmetics to keep the experience fresh.





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