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fortnite rule 34

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Last Updated: January 16, 2023

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Fortnite is one of the most-played video games on Earth. Hundreds of millions of people know about it and even people who don’t play video games at all have heard about it.

But because of its popularity and its massive player base, Fortnite is plagued by a wide variety of problems.

These problems are inevitable in this day and age. Since there’s little to no accountability for what people do online, some netizens simply don’t care about the impact of their actions and create content that’s completely inappropriate for children.

And Fortnite, by its very nature, is played primarily by children and teenagers.

What Is Fortnite Rule 34

In Fortnite slang, the term “Fortnite Rule 34” or “Fortnite 34 Rule” is another way of saying that Fortnite is plagued by pornography. Not the game itself of course, but the Internet.

If you’re a concerned parent, the fact that your child can easily search for that kind of content is probably troubling. So how do you deal with the problem?

The Solution

Fortnite has many great features and one of them is called Parental Controls. You will find them in the Game Settings, as well as online, on Epic’s website.

After you enter your PIN (you can reset it in case you forget it), you will be able to set the parental controls. The most important settings are these:

Can See Mature Language

If your child is under 12, you should set this to off. In Fortnite, players can be extremely rude and not everyone is capable of dealing with insults or vulgar language.

Ad Members Can See Your Name

Always set this to off. You don’t want your child to be targeted by ads that use his name. Otherwise he might think that the message is personalized for him because he doesn’t understand how ad software works.

Can See Non-Squad Member Names

You can set this to off as well because that information is not important for him to be able to play the game but could be used in a vulgar way. Ultimately, it’s up to you how far you want to go for the sake of online safety.

The best thing to do here is probably to leave this setting on and then, if your child complains about other players having inappropriate names, you can turn it off.

Require PIN to Add Epic Friends

This one is tricky. On the one hand, you don’t want your child to have to ask for permission every time he makes a new friend.

But on the other, you have no idea who might send him a friend request and for what purpose. Below a certain age, this setting should always be turned on.

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Voice Chat

When playing competitive games like Fortnite, people tend to use voice chat a lot, especially if they’re playing the game in a team versus team format. But that comes with a lot of risks.

Players might insult each other or scream at each other for all kinds of reasons.

There’s also the risk that a 12-year-old will play on the same team with 21-year-olds. In that scenario, the conversation may not be appropriate for the former. Again, this is entirely up to the parent to decide.

Ultimately, you can’t keep a kid in a crystal globe, away from all the bad stuff that exists in the world. But at the same time, below a minimum age that provides a certain level of maturity and discernment, every kind of risk is much more troublesome.

Another reason why you might want to turn voice chat off is to reduce the noise level inside your house. When kids start talking to others inside the game, they often yell without realizing it – especially if they get yelled at!

Weekly Playtime Reports

This should always be set to On. Otherwise, your child might play Fortnite for 40 hours per week instead of the amount of time that you’ve agreed.

Text Chat

This is another useful thing to have when playing the game as part of a team. But if he’s playing solo, he doesn’t really need it. However, it’s probably a bad idea to set it off.

fortnite 34

Turning off all of the settings that can negatively impact your child is sometimes needed, but you should do it carefully. On the one hand, this will minimize his exposure to undesirable things. However, it will also limit his ability to communicate with others.

The best case scenario is the one in which he plays with a group of trustworthy friends. That will eliminate most of the problems that he might run into.

More Settings

If you click on “More Settings”, you will be taken to Epic Games’ online parental controls page.

If you want your child to not interact at all with the other players, you can go to Account and Privacy and just set everything that would allow him to do this to a value of Off. The list includes the following options:

  • Mature Language Filter
  • Friend Invite Permission
  • Hide Your Linked Social Account
  • Show Text Chat
  • Show Social Notifications
  • Can Receive Gifts
  • Auto Import Friends
  • Anonymous Mode
  • Hide Other Player Names
  • Voice Chat (volume)
  • Voice Chat Notifications

Every single one of these settings can be utilized to minimize exposure. You should exercise the level of control that you deem appropriate for your particular situation.

One thing that you should be particularly careful about is the purchase of digital goods. Make sure that your child cannot buy anything without utilizing a PIN and that you’re the only one who knows what that PIN is.

In esports, the practice of microtransactions is quite common. To some degree it’s perfectly fine to allow your child to buy things online. But you need to make sure that he doesn’t go above the agreed budget.

Further Safety Measures

fortnite 34 rule

You can further protect your child from Fortnite Rule 34 by utilizing your Windows parental control options, as well as your browser’s.

You can always install an add-on that will prevent your child from accessing certain websites. Or, you can check his activity by going through the browser history.

Ultimately, in a world that’s completely connected, it’s hard to eliminate all risks. But you can certainly minimize them if you simply use the basic options that are available to you.





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