Advantages of Esports Betting

advantages esports betting

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Last Updated: July 10, 2023


Despite being a fairly young industry, Esports betting has made a big boom in the betting world and practically become a mainstream part of it.

Most top online betting sites already include Esports in their selections, and this offer only keeps growing with time.

As a flourishing and highly competitive industry, Esports betting carries a lot of perks for bettors. Those who are ready to dive into this world can experience great benefits and even enjoy some unique aspects they can’t find when betting on traditional sports.

Here are the biggest advantages of Esports betting compared to traditional betting.

Unique Betting Markets

This aspect of Esports betting is the most common reason why many people decide to go into it, even switching from traditional sports betting.

When you bet on Esports games on sites such as GG.Bet, you can find many of the traditional sports betting markets we’re all used to encountering in most sports.

For example, you can bet on the winner, or place various point-based predictions, among many other standard bets.

In addition to this, you can also find unique betting markets that only exist in Esports betting. Moreover, some types of bets are only available in specific Esports titles.

To illustrate this, if you’re betting on Counter-Strike, you can place bets like First Map, First Kill, and First Blood.

esports betting advantages

In some games, the teams or players with the most kills might not even win. For instance, you can bet Most Kills on Dota 2 and still win even when a team loses.

Overall, these unique betting markets open up many opportunities to experience much more than you ever could in traditional sports betting. If you’re a fan of unusual and extraordinary bets, you’ll certainly appreciate this advantage.

Exclusive Bonus Deals

This advantage is arguably even more important than the previous one, as you can directly benefit financially from it.

Namely, as an Esports bettor, you can claim both generic sports betting bonuses and exclusive promotions tailored towards Esports bettors.

This provides you with great value and boosts your Esports betting bankroll, so you have more chances of winning money.

More precisely, many modern betting sites, especially those that exclusively focus on Esports, often have bonuses that center around specific games or tournaments.

Some even feature leaderboard rankings, where you can grab very rewarding prizes based on your position in the ranks.

Potential for Uncovering Better Odds

When you’re betting on traditional sports or big sports events, the odds you can get are pretty much identical everywhere, no matter which bookie you pick.

The industry is standardized across the board, so it’s nearly impossible to find odds that are considerably better at one betting site than they are at another one.

In this context, Esports betting brings another huge advantage to the table. Esports betting is still young, and sportsbooks generally don’t have industry standardized odds.

esports betting pros

So, the odds can vastly differ between sites. What does this mean for an Esports bettor? Nothing but good news.

If you’re serious about Esports betting and don’t mind digging around a bit and doing the research, you’ll have no problem finding more favorable odds.

This can make a big difference in the long term, as you’ll always be betting with the best odds. So, the bets that you win will bring you more money.

Trends Are Constantly Changing

Unlike betting on traditional sports, Esports betting carries the excitement in the sense that trends are changing at a much faster pace. In traditional sports betting, you can most often tell what teams or players will dominate in the next year or two.

In Esports betting, trends are constantly changing. So, one team that was on top a month ago won’t necessarily be there the next month. For some bettors, this unpredictability might be a disadvantage.

But, if you know how to make use of it, it can be a significant advantage. You can utilize the digital nature of Esports to keep up with everything and ride the top of every trend.

With that in mind, Esports betting in itself is an industry that’s quickly evolving. New games are constantly being added, and existing games often experience changes. This means there’s always something going on, and the industry never gets boring.





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