Why Video Poker Is Still a Popular Game in the Casinos

why is video poker still popular

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Last Updated: December 9, 2022


Video poker is among the first generation of digitalised card games developed for brick-and-mortar casinos. However, these video pokers have a retro look compared to modern digital casino games like slots.

Moreover, the newer generation of gamblers seems to have no interest in playing video poker.

So, the burning question arises, why is video poker still a popular game in the casinos? We have discussed five reasons below that offers a solution to this question.

Five Reasons Why Video Poker Is Still Popular in Casinos

Huge RTP

When talking about the return to player (RTP), you might think that slots have the highest RTP. However, that is not the case in reality.

Even the top ten slot machines only offer up to 99% RTP, whereas video poker has a maximum RTP of up to 105%! Moreover, video poker has a lot of variations, and with each variation, players can enjoy variations in RTP.

This huge difference in RTP and the ray of hope of winning a massive amount using proven strategies is enough for experienced gamblers to get attracted to casino video poker machines.

It’s Not All Luck

Even though casino games are based on luck, some games also require a bit of strategy to get the desired results. One of them is video poker which is a game of skill compared to slots which is a game of chance.

It is common for bettors to feel disconnected while playing electronic casino games like slots as there is not much to do other than pulling the lever and praying for some good luck.

reasons for video poker popularity

In comparison, video poker is among the few casino games that require players input making it a very interesting electronic casino game.

Video poker has many variations, and each one of them requires a different strategy to get a win. High RTP and strategies make this a very attractive game to play at casinos.

A Great Beginners’ Game

New players at a casino often find themselves overwhelmed by the lights, decoration, and lively atmosphere. Therefore, it becomes a bit difficult for new players to get accustomed to the casino environment and more so for introvert bettors.

On the other hand, video poker offers a great foothold in casinos for new gamblers as it is a single-player game.

If all these bother you, you can always go to the online route to enjoy some amazing video poker games. Playing at online casinos has some advantages, such as available game options and interesting promotions from different operators under one roof.

Usually, these operators have better promotional offers compared to land based casinos.

Moreover, the video poker game rules are also very easy to understand, and even a novice can easily grasp the gameplay by playing for a few minutes. All you need to do is hold onto your cards, and the rest of the cards will be replaced when you hit the draw button.

Based on the cards you hold, you can win prizes. Due to this reason, video poker is still getting an adequate number of visitors regularly.

Casino Comps

Winning casino comps by playing casino games is a perk you should not miss if you play at casinos regularly. One of the great ways of earning casino comps is by playing video poker.

Many casinos offer a 0.1% comp rate, which is similar to the comp offered for slots. In layman’s terms, you will be able to win $1 for every $1,000 you wager.

Moreover, some casinos also offer free rooms, complimentary drinks and other perks if you play on a video poker machine. Therefore, playing video poker is still very profitable for players, which is why people still play this game.


Last but not least is the nostalgia that comes with every moment spent playing video poker. As mentioned earlier, video pokers are among the first generation of digitised casino games developed in the 1970s.

why players enjoy video poker

Therefore, gamblers who have been playing since then have witnessed the golden age of video poker and still feel the same thrill while playing these games in casinos now.

Some play video poker to relive the 70’s, and 80’s casino experience. The retro look of video poker attracts a unique set of customers who only like to play retro games.

Winding Up

People might think that video pokers are a thing of the past, but the facts mentioned above prove them wrong.

However, it is also a fact that the people who regularly play video poker are getting old, and the newer generation holds no love for the game, so video poker will inevitably disappear from the casino floors in the future.

These predictions will take quite some time to become a reality. In the meantime, video poker games attract many casino customers and are very profitable for both parties.





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