Best Specialists in LoL

Best Specialists in LoL

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Last Updated: January 27, 2024

Alex Zlatanovic

Specialists are among the best champions in League of Legends (LoL). The 5v5 team game lets you choose champions of various types to combat opponents in online battles. People are gearing up for the release of LoL patch 14.1 that has introduced quite a few changes to the strategy game.

You can battle new creatures in LoL called Voidgrubs, Voidmites, and Voidborn Monsters in the latest update. There are 2 additional Baron Nashors that spawn into LoL games to provide unique abilities to champions.

Specialists can kill the 3 Baron Nashors in different pits to upgrade their skills during matches. You can also enjoy new music that changes with the environment in LoL to earn breathtaking kills for your team.

Take a look at the best Specialists in LoL to help you win more games in 2024.


Cho’Gath is a Specialist with melee attacks. It consumes the flesh of its enemies to regain health and mana with each kill. People can play multiple roles for their team by playing Cho’Gath in LoL matches.

You can max out Rupture for Cho’Gath early to deal over 300 magical damage to enemy units. Take the top lane to farm gold and earn experience till you can participate in team fights. It can cost up to 50 mana per spell to cast Rupture on your opponents. The low mana of Rupture makes it suitable to nuke enemies with the Specialist.

Support champions can level up Feral Scream for Cho’Gath to silence enemies around them. Enemies hit by Feral Scream will not be able to cast their spells for 2 seconds and take up to 300 damage from Cho’Gath. You can use the Summoner Spell Flash to teleport toward an enemy after they are silenced by Cho’Gath to attack them.

Starter items like Doran’s Ring can help you survive in the top lane. Doran’s Ring grants 90 health and 18 Ability Power to Cho’Gath for 400 gold. Enemy champions can be easier to mitigate by activating Vorpal Spikes in battles.

You can use Vorpal Spikes with Cho’Gath to gain bonus attack range for the next 3 attacks. Any opponents that are attacked with Vorpal Spikes have their movement speed slowed, letting Cho’Gath and its allies deal tons of damage.

Cho’Gath can strike enemies with True Damage by activating Feast. Champions in the enemy team can take up to 650 True damage from physical hits. Enemies killed by Cho’Gath using Feast will grant the Specialist bonus attack range, health, and size.

You can purchase items that provide bonus Ability Power to increase the damage dealt by Cho’Gath. Liandry’s Torment adds 90 Ability Power and 300 health to Cho’Gath, making the melee champion unstoppable in LoL.


Gnar LoL Specialist

Gnar is a ranged champion with exceptional fighting abilities. He can counter enemies such as Rumble and Gwen to gain an advantage in battles. You can purchase a Doran’s Blade for Gnar to increase his attack damage by 10.

Doran’s Blade also grants 3.5% Lifesteal and 100 health to the Specialist. Gnar can wipe out a few waves of minions in his lane to gather 450 gold to buy Doran’s Blade.

Boomerang Throw is a skill that Gnar can cast to deal bonus physical damage to multiple enemies in his path. You can reduce the cooldown of Boomerang Throw by catching the weapon on its return.

It can also be used to slow enemies by up to 35%. You can attack enemies with physical hits after they’ve been slowed to drain their health. Gnar can increase the level of Hyper to deal bonus magic damage per hit.

Items that grant attack speed and attack damage can turn Gnar into a formidable champion in LoL matches. You can equip a Trinity Force for Gnar to gain 45 attack damage and 33% attack speed. Gnar can use any of his abilities to deal bonus attack damage with his physical attacks by purchasing Trinity Force.

Abilities like Hop provides up to 60% bonus attack speed to Gnar for 6 seconds. You can hit enemies with Hop once they’ve been slowed by Boomerang Throw to eliminate them in team fights.

His ulti can be used to stun enemies in battles, giving Gnar and his teammates adequate time to ambush their opponents.


Kennen is a mid-lane champion. He has a base health of more than 600 at the start of a game. You can strike your enemies with an Electrical Surge to deal over 170 magical damage. Buying a Rabadon’s Deathcap can cost 3600 gold, providing up to 140 Ability Power to the Specialist in LoL games.

The bonus Ability Power provided by Rabadon’s Deathcap can be used to annihilate enemies within seconds of casting Electrical Surge in battles.

He can tank enemies and their incoming spells with ease. His ulti, Slicing Maelstrom, grants bonus magic resistance and armor for 3 seconds. Enemies, including Yone and Illaoi, can be countered with Kennen to win more matches.

The Specialist has a base movement speed of 335. You can purchase a Cosmic Drive to gain bonus speed, 250 health, 80 Ability Power, and 25 Ability Haste. Hitting enemies with an Electrical Surge or a Thundering Shuriken can further increase the movement speed of Kennen in battles.

A Force of Nature for Kennen can drastically reduce the damage dealt to him by enemies with their spells. The item provides up to 400 health and 55% magic resistance, letting Kennen storm into fights for fast kills.





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