Top 5 Pros of Esports Betting

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Last Updated: December 4, 2022

Radu Muresan

Are you a sports bettor looking to expand your betting horizons by going into Esports betting? Perhaps you’re an avid gamer and want to see how your luck favors you when betting on your favorite games.

Whatever the case might be, getting into Esports betting can provide you with great entertainment value and perhaps earn you some nice pocket money.

With that in mind, Esports betting hasn’t been in mainstream attention for long, and many bettors aren’t aware of the perks that come with this activity.

So, to bring this exciting form of betting a bit closer to those considering exploring it, here are the top five pros of Esports betting.

1. Constant Innovation

Compared to traditional sports betting, which has a long history, Esports betting is still developing and hasn’t been present for long. This means that it’s still evolving and that we’re seeing faster innovation than in sports betting.

Moreover, the nature of the video game industry has always been innovation-driven. From a bettor’s perspective, this is a huge advantage.

New games are coming out regularly. When a game becomes popular enough to turn into an Esports staple, it gets added to Esports betting sites. That way, you’re not stuck with limited options, as the market keeps constantly expanding.

2. Unique Bonuses

With Esports betting being an innovative industry, you can also expect unique bonuses and promotional deals that you can’t get with traditional sportsbooks or even the best Evolution Gaming casinos.

Sportsbooks often create custom Esports bonuses centered around specific video games or tournaments. These bonuses don’t only provide extra entertainment value but also help you boost your betting bankroll.

advantages of esports betting

This is even more apparent on Esports-centric betting sites. As more and more of these sites are popping up online, sportsbooks are competing hard for potential sign-ups.

And, in all of this healthy competition, you, as a bettor, come out on top. You have the option of exploring various bonuses and choosing the most suitable deals.

3. Similar, But Different

If you’ve ever placed bets on any classic sport, you’ll notice that betting on Esports games isn’t that much different in many aspects.

Many betting markets available in traditional sports have also found their way into Esports sportsbooks. For instance, you can place standard over/under bets, match-winner bets, and other types of bets many bettors are familiar with.

However, you’ll also have many other bets that are specific to Esports or even a particular video game.

This “same, but different” feeling makes Esports betting an excellent alternative for those who want to bet but don’t like what the traditional sports betting landscape offers.

4. You Can Find Great Odds

In most traditional sports, different bookmakers often price odds very close to one another. So, it doesn’t make that much of a difference where you bet, as you’ll usually get very similar odds.

In Esports betting, this isn’t always the case. Sportsbooks sometimes struggle to set the right odds, and you can get the upper hand if you’re have inside knowledge about things like the best Rocket League players.

If you’re a sensible Esports bettor and are willing to do your due diligence, you can find great odds and take advantage of this wiggle room to ensure maximum profits. This is undoubtedly a massive benefit of Esports betting.

5. Live Betting Is Very Exciting

Many traditional sports aren’t accessible everywhere, and it’s often hard to find live streams, especially when betting on lesser-known competitions. A big perk of Esports betting is that this is rarely an issue when it comes to this form of betting.

live esports betting pros

Oftentimes, Esports sportsbooks feature direct live Twitch streams of the games you bet on. What’s more, these streams are often very fast-paced and wildly entertaining.

The markets are constantly shifting, and watching certain bets like first kill or first map win unfold live before your eyes provides the ultimate adrenaline pump.

Ready to Dive In?

There’s always something new going on in the Esports betting industry. The landscape is constantly evolving, and it’s impossible to predict which game will take the spotlight.

The five pros of Esports betting we’ve discussed above are just the most noticeable advantages every bettor is bound to experience.

Of course, there are many other benefits that you’ll experience along the way. If all of this sounds exciting enough to start betting on Esports, jump into this booming and ever-changing landscape to see everything it has to offer!





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