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Last Updated: February 26, 2024

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The best CSGO weapon skins have been accumulating for over a decade. Now, it’s time we rank them according to sale reports and what the best CSGO players think.

Professional players can access any skin in the game regardless of the price. With that kind of freedom, it’s not rare to see some of the most expensive CSGO skins in their inventory.

But what about the average folks? We also like to enjoy the best weapon skins CSGO has to offer. And they can be a bit tricky to get, so which ones should you choose?

Best CSGO Skins for Each Weapon

Best AK-47 Skins


AK-47 Nightwish- Released on January 20, 2022, in the Dreams & Nightmares Case, it quickly becomes clear why Nightwish became one of the most popular CSGO skins in 2023. With a starting price ranging from $6 to $97 depending on condition and functionality, it’s one of the best deals on the market.

The AK-47 Nightwish skin is one of CS2’s most colorful AK-47 skins, offering a blend of every color imaginable. It’s absolutely gorgeous, with various neon silhouettes that catch an eye from close and from afar.

It might not be your best choice when trying to blend into the surrounding landscape. But if you’re top-fragging and want to look stylish while doing it, this is the best CSGO weapon skin for AK47.

Honorable Mention:

  • AK-47 Asiimov (Field Tested)
  • AK-47 Vulcan

Best AWP Skins


AWP Asiimov-  You can call me an old head all you want. With this AWP skin, I still feel like s1mple. The Asiimov skin line dropped way back on February 20, 2014, as a part of the Operation Phoenix Weapon Case. Sure, newer and fancier have been released since, but they have also gotten pricier. 

While the AK47 Asiimov was an honorable mention, this collection’s AWP skin takes the top spot not just as a piece of memorabilia. With a price range of $70 to $290, it’s still on the lower end for skins of this quality.

It has a futuristic look even 10 years later, the colorway is iconic with orange and black accents, and there’s just not a lot going on. The cuts are precise, nothing about the skin is distracting and it’s a kind of soft-spoken luxury in the CSGO scene.

Honorable Mention:

  • AWP: Neo-Noir ($20 – $35)
  • AWP Chromatic Aberration (Field Tested)

Best Desert Eagle Skins


If you’re serious about improving your CSGO gameplay, you’re also going to want to enjoy the experience. So let’s take a look at the best CSGO weapon skins for the Desert Eagle gun.

Desert Eagle Printstream- If you want something that’s clean, modern, affordable, and has interesting features, then the Printstream Deagle skin should be your choice.

It was released on August 6, 2020, in the Fracture Case, and with a price range going from $24 to $176 for StatTrek models of low-quality, it’s a great deal.

It has a sleek design with a black base finish and a pearly white top color. The details are exceptional, you even have a few crosshairs to choose from which also makes it a timeless design. If you’re into more colorful options, check out these honorable mentions.

Honorable Mention:

  • Desert Eagle: Fennec Fox
  • Desert Eagle: Ocean Drive

Best CSGO Knife Skin


When it comes to CSGO knife skins, it’s a never-ending battle. Men usually know this kind of debate boils down to preference, so it’s hard for me to be objective here.

Butterfly Knife Marble Fade- Every CSGO player has dreamt of owning a butterfly knife in real life. Thus when this Marble Fade variation was released on March 15, 2017, it immediately became a hot topic on the Steam platform.

It was the crown jewel of the Spectrum and Spectrum 2 cases and with prices ranging around $2000 dollars, I would say this is about right for a somewhat modern classic. 

With gradient colors, a smoky texture, and a great modern handle, this is one of the best CSGO weapon skins in the game. If you’re more of a Karambit person, maybe this would do the trick.

Honorable Mention:

  • Karambit: Doppler (Sapphire)
  • Falchion Knife: Doppler (Ruby)

Best M4A1-S Skins


Picking the best CSGO weapon skins is important for aesthetic reasons. But choosing the right CSGO rates is crucial to your performance and gameplay.

M4A1-S Nightmare- nothing worse than a silent death coming at the hands holding a M4A1-S Nightmare skin. While this weapon has fallen out of favor with the professional players, there are still a lot of casual players who can’t get enough of its recoil.

The black and blue colorway is timeless, and the color gradient gives it an even more polished look. With the colors blending into each other seamlessly, you have a very aesthetic look for an affordable price.

Costing around $30 dollars in Factory New condition, the Nightmare skin is a bargain. It gives off vibes of the more expensive M4A1-S skins we have as our honorable mentions.

Honorable Mention:

  • M4A1-S: Printstream
  • M4A1-S: Imminent Danger

Best M4A4 Skins


The best CSGO weapon skins aren’t the only thing you’ll be looking at the entire time. Choosing the best CSGO crosshair is crucial to your aim, and thus, your performance.

M4A4 Spider Lily- The M4A4 is a weapon with a bigger model and this allows designers to be more creative. That’s why for this weapon, we’re shying away from sleek and elegant designs as we strive for something more colorful and unique.

In our book, the Spider Lily is the perfect blend of dark aesthetics that come as natural to weapon skins. But it also adds a lot of flavor with the Red Lily blooming on the side as the web is being shot out.

The golden details on the barrel and handle just give a more premium feel to it and compared to the Emperor and Howl, it’s honestly a worthy contender that covers all boxes.

Honorable Mention:

  • M4A4: The Emperor
  • M4A4: Howl

Best USP-S Skins

USP-S Kill Confirmed- The Kill Confirmed USP skin has stood the test of time. Released way back in 2015 as a part of the Shadow Collection, which was available in the Shadow Cases.

It’s the perfect mix of a stylish and intriguing design that ages like wine but doesn’t overwhelm you visually in game.

With a starting price of around $55, it’s rather affordable. But it can go up to $1,050, depending on the condition and stickers that come with it. Our honorable mentions are also great choices, and objective opinion is all that it comes down to.

Honorable Mention:

  • USP-S: The Traitor
  • USP-S: Printstream

Best Glock Skins

Glock 18 Fade- The Glock might not be at the top of your list of priorities when choosing the best CSGO weapon skins. But having the Fade variant skin is hands down one of the best choices you can make.

It’s one of the rarest and most coveted skins in the game, and considering it’s over a decade old, it’s only going up in value. Introduced in 2013 as part of the Arms Deal update, the colorways of this skin blend in seamlessly 

Honorable Mention:

  • Glock: Neo-Noir
  • Glock: Wasteland Rebel

Best Galil Skins

Galil AR Chromatic Aberration- If you want neon colors, dark aesthetics, and a lot of color shading, then the Chromatic Aberration skin line is the right choice for you. While the other weapon skins are certainly pretty, none stands out amongst its peers like this Galil skin.

It was introduced to CS:GO with the Snakebite Collection following the conclusion of Operation Broken Fang. It’s a timeless classic with a lot of details and features on it, and it won’t set you back a lot.

With the Factory New version going for $12 and the rest being under $5, this is the deal of a lifetime. Especially if you are using the Galil a lot.

Honorable Mention:

  • Galil AR: Chatterbox
  • Galil AR: Cerberus

Best Famas Skins

FAMAS Waters of Nephthys-  Of all of the best CSGO weapon skins we reviewed so far, this was by far the easiest choice. That’s because it’s absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, which makes the steeper price point a lot more acceptable when compared to other Famas skins.

It was released on April 24, 2020, as a part of the Paris 2023 Anubis Collection Packages. The blue lagoon colors converging into the golden elements truly make this skin a sight for sore eyes.

It gets even prettier depending on the lighting and angle, with prices ranging from $40 to  $340 for the higher-end models. The skin looks even better in CS2, so maybe dropping $170 on the Steam platform to cop one of these might not be so bad after all.

Honorable Mention:

  • FAMAS: Commemoration
  • FAMAS: Roll Cage

Best CSGO Skins Under $1 Dollar

M4A1-S | Night Terror (Minimal Wear)Starting Price: $0.55
AK-47 | Elite Build (Well-Worn)Starting Price:  $0.69
AWP | Capillary (Minimal Wear)Starting Price: $0.27
Desert Eagle | Light Rail (Field-Tested)Starting Price: $0.48
Negev | Power Loader (Field-Tested)Starting Price: $0.78
SSG 08 | Fever Dream (Minimal Wear)Starting Price: $0.68
Galil AR | Rocket Pop (Field-Tested)Starting Price: $0.88
XM1014 | Black Tie (Minimal Wear)Starting Price: $0.81
R8 Revolver | Crazy 8 (Field-Tested)Starting Price: $0.48
P2000 | Acid Etched (Minimal Wear)Starting Price: $0.52
M4A4 | Poly Mag (Factory New)Starting Price: $0.37
MAC-10 | Ensnared (Factory New)Starting Price: $0.25
CZ75-Auto | Tacticat (Minimal Wear)Starting Price: $0.58
AUG | Ricochet (Factory New)Starting Price: $0.54
MAG-7 | Monster Call (Minimal Wear)Starting Price: $0.52
Five-SeveN | Scrawl (Factory New)Starting Price: $0.21





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