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Last Updated: May 28, 2024

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Choosing the most optimal CSGO rates can make a huge difference! There is a reason why it’s one of the most popular free crossplay games on the market. With it being such an old game, there are a few major benefits.

Not only is it one of the best Esports games for online betting, but there’s also a huge focus on personal customization of the game and client to fit your needs. You might not understand what most CSGO terms mean, but we’re here to teach you about the best CSGO rates settings.

If you strive to improve your CSGO gameplay and become one of the best CSGO players of all time, having the perfectly optimized game client is a good start. 

What is CSGO Tickrate?

CSGO tickrate refers to the frequency at which the game server updates the game state and communicates with the connected players’ clients. To put it bluntly, in online multiplayer games, all players in the same game connect to the same server.

When playing on these servers, the connected players’ clients communicate with the main server by sending packages of data. The delay between the package being sent and received is called ping, or what many gamers perceive as lag or latency.

The rate at which these packages are being broadcasted between the server and your CSGO client is called a CSGO tickrate.

CSGO Server Tickrate

This tickrate basically determines how often the server processes and sends updates about player positions, actions, and other in-game events to all players in the match. The tickrate is measured in “ticks per second”, with the value for the frequency being enumerated with (Hz). Naturally, a higher tickrate means more frequent updates. This is why sometimes shots aren’t landing, even though the CSGO crosshair is on them.

How to Check Tick Rate

There is a simple way you can quickly check the tick rate of the CS GO server you are on. All you need to do is open your console in a server, and type in the net_graph 1 command. This will enable the net graph view, displaying multiple parameters relevant to your current server connection. The tick rate is usually located on the bottom left.

Best CSGO Rates Commands Explained

The best way to optimize the rates your CSGO client functions in is through a CSGO autoexec file. But that’s a different topic for a different article. So now, we’ll show you how to use CSGO Rate commands manually through the CS GO console 


cl_cmdrate (Client Command Rate): This CS GO rate command determines how many packets your client sends to the server per second. Command packets contain information about your character’s movement, shooting, and other inputs you give. This is why jump-throw utility lineups differ depending on your tick rate. Sometimes the enemy isn’t LIT because your grenade missed due to tick rate.

A higher cl_cmdrate means that your client is sending more frequent updates to the server, resulting in smoother player movement and more accurate responses to your inputs. The default rate CS GO servers run on is 64. 

But it’s different if you’re playing on the FACEIT or ESEA platforms. Their servers support a 128 tick rate. So it’s definitely recommended to set it to 128 for better performance


cl_updaterate (Client Update Rate): This CS GO rate command determines how many update packets your client receives from the server per second. Update packets carry information about the game state, such as the positions and actions of other players and objects in the game world hosted on the server. Be careful to NOT BAIT your teammates with wrong callouts.

A higher cl_updaterate allows your client to receive more frequent updates from the server, providing a clearer and more up-to-date representation of the game. Like cl_cmdrate, the update default rate CS GO servers run on is 64. But if you’re joining FACEIT or ESEA, you would be better off setting it to 128 ticks.

Best Rate CS GO 

rate (Data Rate): The rate setting defines the maximum bandwidth (in bytes per second) that the game can use to communicate with the server. It affects the amount of data that can be exchanged between your client and the server. 

Setting the rate too low may result in data loss and delayed updates while setting it too high could cause network congestion. The recommended value for this rate is usually set to 786432, which allows for smooth communication with the server without overloading your connection.

Best CSGO Rates Explained

In CS GO rate settings have specific limits that you can adjust within. These settings control the maximum bandwidth that the game uses to communicate with the server. So depending on your connection speed, hardware capabilities, and the specific server you’re playing on, the best cs go rates settings can differ. You can use these values to find the perfect CS GO rate to match your setup.

  • .5 Mbps – rate 62500 (the lowest value you can set)
  • 1.0 Mbps – rate 125000
  • 1.5 Mbps – rate 187500
  • 1.57 Mbps – rate 196608 (default rate value for every player)
  • 2.0 Mbps – rate 250000
  • 2.5 Mbps – rate 312500
  • 3.0 Mbps – rate 375000
  • 3.5 Mbps – rate 437500
  • 4.0 Mbps – rate 500000
  • 4.5 Mbps – rate 562500
  • 5.0 Mbps – rate 625000
  • 5.5 Mbps – rate 687500
  • 6.0 Mbps – rate 750000
  • 6.2 Mbps – rate 786432 (maximum rate value possible)

Best CSGO Rates Settings 2023

Knowing all of this, it’s time for you to update your CS GO client to the recommended CS GO rate settings. The default rate CS GO servers use to host games is rate 196608 at 1.57 Mbps. But depending on how fast your internet connection is, you can get more from your 64 tick servers. This is how to choose the best Rate Settings in 2023.

CS GO Rates For 64 Tick

Apart from the rate default CSGO servers use, you can also try other parameters for a more optimized experience. The 6.0 Mbps – 750000 rate CS GO 64 tick servers can use should be compatible with any fiber cable connection.

  • cl_cmdrate 64
  • cl_updaterate 64
  • rate 750000

With this, you should be set to climb the CSGO ranks, both in the Danger Zone and Wingman mode.

Best CSGO Rates And Commands for High Ping

If your internet speed is lower than this, and your rate is set accordingly, you will start experiencing lag issues. Playing an FPS game with high ping and packet loss is a miserable experience so here’s how to properly optimize your CS GO client for it.

Try out which of these rate works for you best:

  • 1 Mbps: rate 125000
  • 2 Mbps: rate 250000
  • 3 Mbps: rate 375000
  • 4 Mbps: rate 500000
  • 5 Mbps: rate 625000
  • 6 Mbps: rate 750000

If you’re still facing issues, it’s good to try using these commands in the CS GO console. A much simpler way of implementing them is by creating an Autoexec.cfg file.

  • cl_lagcompensation 1
  • cl_interp 0
  • cl_updaterate 128
  • cl_cmdrate 128
  • cl_predict 1
  • cl_predictweapons 1
  • cl_interpolate 1
  • cl_interp_ratio 2

How To Change CS GO Tickrate To 128

Now that we know the benefits of playing on 128 tickrate, let’s see how we can make that a reality. In practice, to enable 128 tickrate, the servers you are playing need to support it. This is one of the main requests from the CS GO community for CS2. But, there are a few workarounds. 

CS GO 128 Tick Rate Launch Options

Official servers hosted by the Valve corporation only work on 64 tickrate. But you can play offline games and on workshop maps with a 128 tickrate. All you need to do is adjust your launch options in the CS GO client.

To do this, find CS GO in the Steam Library and right click on it and choose Properties. This action will open a new page with General options opened by default. Here you will locate the launch parameters titled Launch Options, then type in “-tickrate 128”.

These settings are good for getting used to 128 tick rate servers. You can use them to warm up against bots and on aim maps. Doing this can feel like Toggling when going back to 64 tick servers. But if you want to face real human opponents on 128 tick rate, you will need to change your host platform.

FACEIT ESEA CSGO Rates For 128 Tick Servers

Valve servers run on 64 tick rate, but that’s not the case with other platforms. ESEA and FACEIT are separate matchmaking platforms with their own matchmaking systems. If you rate CS GO more than a game and you want the best rate in CSGO, you will need to learn how to set the best rate for CSGO.

  • cl_cmdrate 128
  • cl_updaterate 128
  • rate 786432

These are the best CSGO rates for FACEIT and ESEA platforms, optimizing your hardware to take full advantage of the server capabilities. If you’re taking Esports betting professionally, you might want to keep an eye on the young CSGO stars.



Why are CSGO Rates Important?

If you just watched that video, you’re probably triggered. And if you aren’t, you’ve probably never taken competitive multiplayer games seriously. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why CSGO rates are so important.

Competitive integrity goes completely out the window when something like this happens. You can be the best player in the world, with the most experience and the best PC setup, and still fall victim to the tickrate.

This is not an issue at LAN events, because the PC’s there are manually connected to the server. If you played a CS 1.6 tournament in an internet cafe way back in the day, you would know what this means. But this is also the reason professional CSGO players can’t compare competitive to ranked play.

Unfortunately, 99,99% of the CSGO player base can’t relate to that. And they also need to deal with the issues rate CS GO create.

How To Get My CS GO Rates Back To Default?

If you’ve done a bit of experimenting with your CS GO settings, you might want to go back to how it was. Resetting your CSGO settings is as easy as it gets. You just scroll down to the game settings and find the Reset To Defaults button.

But that would override all of your previous adjustments, not just the CS GO rates settings. So it’s better if you just paste these commands into your CS GO console.

  • cl_cmdrate 64
  • cl_updaterate 64
  • rate 196608

How to Keep Rates Saved CSGO?

The best way to keep your CS GO rate settings saved is by running them on launch. We already showed you how easy this can be by tinkering with the 128 tick rate servers. There is another way to do this, by creating and running an autoexec file.

This is basically a list of commands written in a Notepad that will be run every time you open CSGO. You just have to write the appropriate CSGO rates commands into it. Since CSGO is such an old game, there are tons of articles online explaining this in-depth.





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