Who Are the 3 Biggest Esports Teams of 2023?

biggest esports teams 2023

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Last Updated: April 20, 2023


Esports is a massive industry and one which has spread to all corners of the planet. It currently generates multibillions in revenue per year and engages fans via live streaming on platforms such as Twitch.

In addition to this, live esports tournaments give fans a chance to not only experience the action in person but also see their favorite pro gamers in the flesh.

This is an important point because esports would be nothing without the professional teams who participate in the field.

Although there might not have been many when the industry was starting out, there are now numerous esports organizations operating across various leagues. If you like to keep up with what the sector offers, it is a good idea to know who the biggest teams are in 2023.

In addition to bringing you closer to esports, this can also help if you like to bet on tournaments. By finding out who the biggest teams are in 2023, you know who to look out for when placing wagers on games.

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But just who are the standout teams in 2023?

G2 Esports 

Originally launched as Gamers2 in February 2014, this team soon changed their name to G2 Esports in 2015 and have been a real force in the sector ever since. Their World Championship win of 2019 and the 10 LEC tournaments they have won to date makes this very clear.

Based in Berlin, they have teams of players operating at the highest-level leagues for games such as League of Legends, Valorant, CS:GO, Rainbow Six, and Rocket League. Their current roster includes well-known gamers such as hunter, JKnaps, BrokenBlade, and NiKo.

best 2023 esports teams

2023 has been a superb year for them so far, and they remain one of the biggest teams around to keep an eye on. Their February 2023 Rainbow Six Invitational Win was a major victory, as was their winter 2023 LEC win to book a place at the League of Legends MSI.

With a CS:GO tournament win at IEM Katowice and a genuine chance of winning the 2023 LEC Spring Split as well, G2 look set for a cracking year.


Another massive esports team in 2023 that also has a long history of success is Fnatic. Based in London and founded in 2004, this British esports team currently includes players such as Boaster and Oscarinin.

Although they might not be able to quite match what G2 has done in the opening months of the year, they are still performing at a high level. This paid off when the team won the Valorant Lock In tournament held in Brazil during February/March 2023.

This was a huge victory for Fnatic and included them beating LOUD in a thrilling five-map final. It was also a real landmark for the organization, as it was their first-ever international title, which followed their second place first at 2021’s global Valorant tournament.

Although the Winter Split of the LEC did not end well for them, We would not bet against a team who won the World Championship in 2011, coming back strongly in the group stages of the Spring Split and during the rest of 2023.

Team Liquid

Established in 2000 and with teams of players across multiple locations, Team Liquid is still one of the biggest names in 2023. This is not only due to their long history in the sector but also the sheer number of tournaments they have won, such as the 2017 International event in Dota 2.

best esports teams in 2023

The team has generated a huge amount of prize money over time, and it currently features players such as Summit and Pyosik on its roster. With a multitude of teams covering games such as StarCraft and League of Legends across various platforms in 2023, it is a major name in the industry.

But how has 2023 gone for them so far in terms of results? Although TL might still not be firing on all cylinders overall, they have enjoyed some good results to date. This included a double gold medal win at Genesis in January and a semi-final appearance at IEM Katowice in CS:GO.

Top Esports Teams for 2023 

Esports is a thriving sector in the modern age and one that is lots of fun to follow. Whether you catch the action via live stream or head to events in person, it always delivers lots of gaming thrills.

None of this would be possible without the teams themselves who compete in the sector, and this is certainly true for the massive teams above to watch out for in 2023.





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