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Last Updated: May 29, 2024

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The digital world is moving frantically, and not everyone can keep up. Forget about new discoveries.

With so much interaction in the online world through social media and other platforms, new lingo and popular slang terms have been popping out left and right. It’s no wonder you can’t keep track of it all.

Has anyone asked you to define Copium? Or maybe you are just curious to find out what the word Copium means? Well, we have you covered!

What Does Copium Mean?

Copium is one of the most popular slang terms in the gaming and entertainment industry, indicating usage and inhalation of a metaphorical opiate when facing negative results of any sort in order to cope with the situation.

”Copium” is a portmanteau word made from a combination of ”cope” and ”opium”. It’s jokingly used to describe a fictional drug that one consumes after suffering a loss, defeat, or disappointment in to cope with the consequences.

Its usage is most often directed toward those coming up with outlandish takes to justify a failure, regardless of whose fault it is.

Copium Meme Origin

The term was originally coined by California rapper Keak Da Sneak, who named his 2003 project the Copium album.

Nobody made much sense of the term at the time and there wasn’t much thought being put to it until 2016 rolled around.

An anonymous 4chan user started using the word in the /int/ board in late 2016, but it wasn’t until early 2019 that the term took off.

The first instance of the word being popularized was on the subreddit r/the_meltdown, which was created back in 2016 to poke fun at left-leaning internet users who were visually upset online at Donald Trump’s win at the presidential elections.

But the meme reached mainstream status during the following cycle when Donald Trump narrowly lost to Joe Biden, who pulled off a comeback victory.

Copium Meaning Explained

Trump supporters to this day argue and claim that the election was rigged, to which many internet trolls had the perfect response.

Another 4chan user posted an image of the character Pepe the Frog (a prolific meme character) hooked to a tank labeled ”COPIUM” and it provided the perfect context.

Pepe was pictured emotionally distressed with his copium supply fitted with a face mask being the only thing keeping him calm.

The Copium meme was being used extensively to mock Trump supporters online by showing Pepe The Frog wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ cap.

This quickly made the image a popular reaction across all social media platforms, and the slang started entering other layers of society.

Copium Usage

So when is it appropriate to use the term Copium?  It depends on the situation, so context is key here. ”Copium” is a modern way to tell someone that they’re lying to themselves.

The term can be used in any situation where you don’t agree with someone’s opinion if you feel that it’s not objective enough.

The other person might be in denial about something, or they’re just choosing to believe something that isn’t true in order to comfort themselves.

If someone is trying to make excuses or spin the narrative on a topic, they are indeed coping hard.

copium meme

What Does Copium Mean in Gaming?

The term really started gaining traction when it entered gaming communities. After all, younger generations are much less likely to admit defeat or guilt. So, what is copium in gaming?

Copium in gaming is when you don’t acknowledge your mistakes in online multiplayer games. If you start blaming your teammates when it’s actually your fault, the entire lobby can claim that you are coping.

Even outside of the game, controversial takes can be replied to with this slang term. On social media, the huffing copium meme has become more and more prevalent as a reaction image.

This is especially the case in discussions following an esports match, where fans of the losing team can come up with excuses to the point of a copium overdose.

What Does Copium Mean on Twitch?

Since Twitch is the most popular streaming service focusing on gaming content, it’s no wonder it helped propel the term to mainstream status.

With hundreds of thousands of viewers from all across the world being exposed to slang during international esports events, it was only a matter of time before Twitch started profiting from it.

The Copium Pepe meme got transformed into the now infamous Copium emote and got introduced to Twitch chat after Twitch user COUNCIL uploaded it as a FrankerFaceZ emote.

what does copium mean

What Is The Meaning of Copium in Twitch Chat?

Is the streamer or entertainer making excuses for his bad performance? Well, you can agitate him even more by using the Copium emote in his Twitch chat.

If fans of the losing team are coming up with excuses during an esports match, replying with COPIUM should trigger them even more.

But if someone starts making unreasonable claims and predictions, Twitch chat users have another term for it. Instead of coping with the situation, that person is hoping for a different outcome.

Hopium Meaning: What Does Hopium Mean

In the online Urban Dictionary, this slang is known as Hopium. Hopium is another term originating from the Hopium meme, which is used to mock someone with irrational levels of unjustified optimism.

The term originates from cryptocurrency communities and is used to describe investors who hold onto or pour assets into currencies on a downward spiral.

People who preach about buying the drop are often referred to as someone who consumes dangerous amounts of ”HOPIUM.”

what is copium

Final Thoughts

After all, both Copium and Hopium are used jokingly and have no malicious intent behind them. So it’s not something worth getting mad over, regardless of in what sense they were used.

These slang terms are very broad and can be used in any field. If you are in a discussion concerning sports, politics, finance, or gaming, using them might give your opponent no avenue for a comeback.

Or. it will confuse them enough to Google the term and read this article. Either way, there will be a situation where Copium and Hopium will be appropriate responses.





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