eSports Trends to Watch in the UK & Ireland in 2024

eSports Trends to Watch in the UK & Ireland in 2024

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Last Updated: January 12, 2024

Alex Zlatanovic

A revolution is brewing across the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland, not in the streets or rolling hills, but within the vibrant realm of eSports.

Competitive video gaming has erupted into a mainstream phenomenon, captivating millions of people and leaving some traditional sports scrambling to keep up.

Read on as we delve into some of the key trends poised to ignite the eSports scene in the UK and Ireland over the next 12 months.

The Utilization of Smartphones and Mobile Apps

The Utilization of Smartphones and Mobile Apps

With the era of bulky desktops and dedicated gaming rigs fading into the past, mobile devices have become the weapon of choice for aspiring eSports warriors in the UK and Ireland.

Smartphone games such as PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile boast millions of active players, with tournaments offering substantial prize pools and fostering a thriving grassroots scene.

This mobile dominance is expected to intensify in 2024, with developers tailoring eSports formats specifically for touch controls and smaller screens.

UK and Irish betting sites are recognizing this shift, with several now offering dedicated mobile apps featuring eSports betting options, understanding that convenience is key to capturing this on-the-go audience.

Blockchain to Become More Prominent in eSports

Sponsorships form the cornerstone of eSports revenues, with the industry’s young, diverse, and expanding audience making it an attractive hub for brand investors in the UK and Ireland.

Recognizing the potential risks of relying solely on sponsorships, eSports companies in the UK and Ireland are actively working to diversify their revenue streams.

In this pursuit, teams and organizers are increasingly exploring methods to directly monetize their fan base.

A notable trend involves the exploration of blockchain technology and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as avenues to achieve revenue diversification, which is already leading to the emergence of innovative esports business models.

Organizations are leveraging blockchain for loyalty and reward programs, providing a secure and transparent platform.

Many programs now enable users to trade digital goods among fellow fans, fostering increased engagement and personal investment in the eSports brand.

Fans can also earn digital rewards by actively participating in an organization’s content, whether through commenting on Instagram posts, watching YouTube videos, or engaging in Twitch streams.

Such fan participation not only enhances the reach and engagement of eSports teams and organizations but also creates additional avenues for sponsorship revenues.

Fan tokens, like other cryptocurrencies, are tradable assets that can appreciate in value over time, akin to traditional stock market dynamics.

This highlights another advantage of the growing relationship between eSports and blockchain – Initial Fan Token Offerings can facilitate easier fundraising for eSports organizations.

The burgeoning connection between eSports and blockchain technology, along with the incorporation of NFTs, is already witnessing positive developments in the UK and Ireland.

Anticipate further advancements and innovations in this space throughout the year as the eSports industry continues to adapt and explore new avenues for revenue generation.

The Continued Growth of eSports & Crossing into the Mainstream

The Continued Growth of eSports & Crossing into the Mainstream

Numerous eSports leagues and tournaments have been on a steady rise in recent years, and 2024 is expected to continue this trend.

With established leagues like the ESL Pro League and new competitions regularly emerging, fans can anticipate a plethora of exciting events featuring their favorite games and teams.

The competitive gaming scene is likely to expand, attracting more players and sponsors and further solidifying esports as a mainstream entertainment option.

Gone are the days of exclusivity, with eSports breaking down barriers and invading living rooms across the UK and Ireland.

Major television channels are broadcasting tournaments, traditional sports stars are venturing into eSports ventures, and celebrities are flocking to Twitch streams.

This mainstream integration will attract new audiences and sponsors, further validating eSports as a legitimate avenue for competition and entertainment.

The Diversification of Betting Sites in Ireland

As eSports gains prominence, the betting landscape in Ireland is diversifying to accommodate the growing interest in competitive gaming.

Wagering on eSports has become a significant market, and the best betting sites in Ireland are expanding their offerings to cater to the demands of a different demographic of punters.

The diversity of eSports titles is expanding beyond traditional genres. Non-traditional games, such as chess and racing simulations, are carving out a niche in the esports landscape.

This diversification not only attracts a broader audience but also showcases the versatility of competitive gaming from a wagering perspective.

We may witness a more eclectic mix of games featured in eSports events in 2024, further broadening the appeal of this burgeoning industry.





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