eSports vs Horse Racing – Which One Is More Popular With Gen Z?

eSports vs Horse Racing

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Last Updated: November 23, 2023

Alex Zlatanovic

Trends come and go, and it is a change that is happening for generations. As technology advances, the world is introducing new things that are mostly appealing to the younger generation. The same is true with sports, particularly eSports and Horse Racing.

Both of these industries seem like worlds apart, but they are actually quite similar. Both of them are based on betting, which is the whole idea of the sport. With that said, eSports goes a bit deeper into the rabbit hole since it doesn’t need betting in order to survive. Games can monetize their content and earn money while still investing in tournaments as a promotion.

But we are here to talk about Gen Z. The technologically forward generation that is making a name for themselves in this world and they are more and more relevant. Gen Z is a group of people born from the late 1990s to the early 2010s. This is a generation that is very familiar with the internet and all that is happening online.

So, this begs the question, how popular is horse racing, the age-old sport among Gen Z’s? Do they like it, or prefer eSports since most of them are familiar with games?

Let’s find out.

Horse Racing and Gen Z

Horse racing and Gen Z

Even while horse racing has grown in popularity in recent years, this has nothing to do with generational shifts. Horse racing is gaining popularity because many locations where horse racing was previously unavailable began to arrange races and exhibit interest in the sport.

However, in the long run, this is not beneficial for horse racing. If horse racing is to continue, significant modifications must be made to make it more appealing to a younger audience.

Much research has shown that Gen-Z is uninterested in horse racing. For example, research conducted by SoirtRxuv in the United Kingdom, a place where horse racing is quite popular, revealed dismal results in terms of grabbing the interest of Gen-Z.

Even most of the Gen-Z people don’t know how the odds in horse racing work. If you are one of them, make sure to find out more on

Younger people appear to have different perspectives on horse racing, and this study implies that the sport needs to adjust a few things.

First and foremost, Gen-Z responded to the study by expressing worries about the ethical transparency of horse racing.

Furthermore, they showed a lack of curiosity and were fearful of being evaluated by their peers if they expressed an interest in horse racing. Furthermore, they did not perceive horse racing to be an intriguing activity worthy of sharing on their social media pages.

Gen Z and eSports

Esports and Gen Z

Generation Z has grown up in a world where gaming is an essential aspect of daily life. Online gaming has grown into a communal and immersive experience with the use of superior technologies.

The interest of Generation Z in gaming is evident. In fact, 87% of Gen Z reported that they play video games at least weekly on platforms such as smartphones, gaming consoles, or laptops. This creates a significant potential for marketers in the in-game advertising arena, particularly those that can legitimately engage this segment of gamers.

According to one recent survey, 57% of Gen Z respondents felt more free to express themselves in games than in real life, and 45% believed their in-game avatars/identities were realistic representations of themselves as persons.

Because they spend so much of their time online, Gen Z gamers are considerably more inclined to spend money on gaming. A Razorfish and Vice Media survey found that Gen Z gamers buy products in the metaverse in the same way they do in real life.

Over the next five years, in-game purchases will consume 20% of Gen Z gamers’ “fun” budgets (money spent on entertainment, leisure, or recreation), with the average current expenditure being $50 per year.

Which Is More Popular With Gen Z’s?

Well, the answer to this question is obvious. eSports is far more popular with Gen Z compared to horse racing. Even if we compare the trend graph, we can see a decline in the popularity of horse racing among Gen Z and a rise in the popularity of eSports.

The strange thing is that according to Nielsen, 61% of eSports bettors are millennials. So, even though Gen Z is the driving factor of the industry and a hope for the future, most of them are not old enough to bet. Can this change?

The horse racing industry is working hard to make the sport attractive for young people, but it cannot be compared to eSports. Even if horse racing somehow manages to win the hearts of Gen Z through digitalization and improving the ethical aspect of the sport, eSports will still remain dominant.





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