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If you want to know what does NT mean in CSGO and to learn more about the iconic game, you are in the right place.

Before we focus on the meaning of NT CS:GO, we’ll briefly examine the game’s history.

But, if you’re here just for an answer, NT CSGO stands for “Nice Try.”

Just like with other eSports games we play today, one of the most legendary games Counter Strike emerged on the scene as a simple mod.

So, before there was Counter Strike Global Offensive we know and play today, there was a Counter Strike mode.

This does not come as a surprise considering that most eSport games, including League of Legends and Dota, were originally made as gaming mods.

When it comes to Counter Strike, it emerged on the scene as a mod for the Half-Life game. It hit the industry in 1999.

Speaking of other games, League of Legends was developed as a spin-off of the DotA Allstars game. Similarly, the DotA Allstars game emerged on the scene as a mod for the Warcraft 3 game.

Despite its very humble beginnings, Counter Strike went on to become one of the most famous, most-played multiplayer first-person shooting games of all time.

In fact, Counter Strike is one of the games that almost every gamer has played at least once.

csgo nt

If you discuss the game with any avid gamer, you will hear a story when he or she excelled in a Counter Strike match.

You may also hear success stories about taking down opponents without any weapons or saving the entire team by defusing bombs in the last three seconds.

The bottom line is, every Counter Strike gamer has a story to tell. Nonetheless, if you are not so familiar with the game, here is a quick recap of the gameplay.

You need to understand the basics of the gameplay to familiarize yourself with the meaning of NT CSGO. In addition to discussing the meaning of CSGO NT, we will also briefly discuss other Counter Strike Global Offensive terminology. Before we get there, let’s examine the actual gameplay.

Counter Strike Global Offensive Gameplay Basics – Choose Your Team

If you are not familiar with the game or you just need a refresher, we examine the basics of the CS:GO gameplay in this section. Knowing the basics will help you understand the NT in CS:GO and other commonly used terminology.

One of the most popular, most-played eSports games was introduced by Valve in August of 2012. The game was developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve.

Counter Strike Global Offensive is the fourth game in the Counter Strike series which came after 1999 Counter Strike, 2004 Counter Strike Condition Zero, and Counter Strike Source released in October 2004.

The very first Counter Strike Global Offensive release was available on Xbox 360, macOS, Windows, Linux, and PlayStation 3 devices.

Once you launch the game, the very first decision you need to make is to choose your team. There are two teams, Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists. In five versus five matches, both teams need to complete one of two present objectives.

If you pick the team of Terrorists, the main objective of the game is to plant and detonate a bomb on a predetermined bombsite. As expected, the main objective of the Counter-Terrorist team is to diffuse the bomb planted by Terrorists.

nt csgo

Aside from these objectives, both teams aim to eliminate the rival team. The team that eliminated the rival wins the game.

Each gaming session features several gaming rounds. During these rounds, both teams work on achieving their objective.

Before you get to the battlefield with your team, you can customize your arsenal using the money you have earned from the previous gaming rounds.

Counter Strike Global Offensive has been around for over a decade. With more players joining the Counter Strike community, the gaming terminology has expanded. So, what does NT mean in CSGO?

What Does NT Mean in CSGO? NT CS:GO Explained

Now that you are familiar with all the basics of the CS:GO gameplay, let’s examine the CSGO NT terminology.

Essentially, the NT CS GO means “nice try.” Outside of the gaming community, NT has several different meanings, including “No Thanks” and “Next Time.”

However, when it comes to NT CSGO, it usually refers to “Nice Try.”

NT is one of the most essential Counter Strike slangs or gaming terms you should definitely know about if you will be playing the game any time soon.

The CSGO NT phrase is usually used in the in-game chats when describing situations in which someone on the team was very close to finishing a gaming round but ended up failing.

what does csgo nt mean

The NT CSGO term is also commonly used when you want to compliment your teammate’s move that played out nicely even though the action eventually failed.

Aside from the NT abbreviation, avid Counter Strike: Global Offensive players use many other phrases. One of these is 1G, which refers to killing one of your teammates accidentally with an incendiary grenade.

The Most Commonly Used Counter Strike: Global Offensive Slang

Now that we answered the question of what does NT mean in CS:GO, let’s examine some other commonly used terminology, such as CS:GO baiting.

While the NT phrase is very commonly used in CSGO, players also like to use 2K and 3K phrases. These are used in a gaming round when a single player kills two or more rival players.

The Ace phrase is also commonly used to praise a player who has helped his team win by killing the entire opposing team.

Similar to Ace is Ace Clutch. This phrase refers to a player who finished the round despite being the only active player from his team.

The ADS and ADR terms are also common. The ADS refers to Aiming Down Sight while the ADR refers to Average Damager Per Round.

Connectors are used to describe two different areas of the same map that are connected. The Desert Eagle weapon is commonly referred to as Deagle. Shooting a rival player in the head without killing him is referred to as Dink or Dinked.

Most players call the first kill in the gaming round Entry or Entry-frag. At the beginning of the gaming round, you may get GLGH from your teammates and this means Good Luck and Have Fun. GG and GH are also commonly used slang and they mean Good Half and Good Game.





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