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best wow guilds

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Last Updated: March 20, 2023

Radu Muresan

Despite its decline over the last five years, World of Warcraft is still played by close to 10 million people. And it’s complex enough to keep you busy for many hours once you start playing it.

Some famous streamers, such as Zachariah “Asmongold” Hoyt, have spent over 30,000 hours playing this game.

Needless to say, WoW has lots of guilds because that’s how the game works. In some games you just play on your own or with a small group of friends.

But in WoW you generally want to become part of a famous guild and then prove your gaming skills in the missions performed by that guild.

That brings us to the question: what are the best WoW guilds and how can you join one?

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How to Determine the Best WoW Guilds

The competence of a WoW guild is determined by its ability to complete difficult raids. In World of Warcraft, raids are basically missions that you need to complete together with your guild and these missions involve very difficult bosses.

When fighting such bosses, a guild’s knowledge of the game and teamwork are tested to the limit.

The notion of strong bosses that seem to be almost unkillable is familiar to every fan of the RPG genre.

If you played Elden Ring or the Dark Souls series, or perhaps a game like Darkest Dungeon, then you know exactly just how tough it can be to beat a particular boss.

In the MMO genre, you are not alone in that fight. There are dozens of people with you but without perfect coordination, everything falls apart.

It’s like a session of They Are Billions. When the waves of zombies start coming at you, you’d better be prepared with all your arsenal because they’re not stopping until either you or they are dead.

New raids are made available by every WoW expansion, and they’re designed for people who have reached the maximum level.

Once you’ve completed the game and have maximized your character, it’s time to join forces with other, like-minded individuals and complete some seriously challenging tasks together.

The Best WoW Guilds

The best Wow guilds are determined based on their ability to complete raids but also based on how fast they can do it.

When new WoW content is released, there’s always a race between the guilds and some people even bet on it. The question is: whose WoW guild will be the first to complete the toughest raid?

Over the years, the best guilds in WoW have been Echo, Liquid, and Method. All three of them are famous for their ability to perform successful raids. By far, Echo are the strongest and they almost always finish first.

Echo’s first big achievement was Castle Nathria, which is a notoriously difficult raid to complete.

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How Great Wow Guilds Become Great

People who play World of Warcraft regularly learn how the game works and figure out all of the tricks. They play together with friends and communicate at all times.

Over a period of months and years, they optimize their strategies and then complete even the most difficult raids without too many problems.

What makes a Raid difficult is the same thing that makes an RPG boss difficult: you don’t understand its attack animations and movements.

Once you know what the possibilities are and how to counter them, it’s enough to just pay attention to the cues and you will know each time what you need to do to avoid the damage and win the fight.

When dozens of people fight a raid boss in WoW, they don’t just do it at random. They talk about what they’re going to do in advance and then they try to execute the plan to the best of their ability.

They might fail the first few times but eventually, they end up figuring out how the system works.

When you’re part of a guild, you can’t just do whatever you want because it’s not effective. The guild usually requires a certain number of healers, damage dealers, and so on.

Just like in Team Fortress, Valorant, or League of Legends, when you’re part of a team, you are expected to play a given role and do a great job at it.

The top raiding guilds in WoW have excellent individuals who can assist their entire guild from a strategic and tactical perspective.

These people know the game inside out and can figure out what will be needed to complete a raid. Once a strategy is decided upon, the rest of the guild works meticulously to implement it.

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How to Succeed

From the outside, it may seem that for the top guild in World of Warcraft, playing WoW is just a casual activity. But it’s not.

This is similar to playing CS:GO at the highest competitive level. It is not something that people do lightly. They take it seriously and spend up to 10 hours a day, every day, until they’ve mastered every one of its elements.

For the top WoW raiding guilds, the game is an esport. It involves big challenges and a lot of competition from other guilds.

And you can be certain that as soon as a new raid becomes available, they’re already on it, rushing to be the first to complete it.

How to Join a Top WoW Guild

Joining a top WoW guild is like joining a top company. You must have a great CV to get accepted.

Top WoW guilds are not interested in playing with novices because their goal is to excel and build a reputation for themselves.

To join a great guild, you must master the game and achieve something with a smaller guild. The backdoor method is to know someone from that guild, who will introduce you to the rest of the guild and convince them that you’re the right person for the job.

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When searching for a guild, always check what is the main language spoken in that guild and what roles are available.

Don’t join a guild that needs an expert at a role that you don’t enjoy playing. Once you’ve joined, you will be expected to play your role and do it consistently.

Another key part of joining a great guild is dedication. Top-tier WoW guilds don’t function like casual ones. There are all kinds of events and training sessions that you’re expected to attend.

If you miss too many big moments, you’ll likely get kicked from the guild because, in World of Warcraft, everything is done as part of a team.

If you have a problem, your guild has a problem. Imagine you are going to war and you’re supposed to be the team’s medic.

If you’re not there when the battle begins and something goes wrong, people are going to start wondering why the medic isn’t there and why he’s allowed to be the team’s medic if he doesn’t take part in the big battles.





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