Rocket League Pro Cars – The Best and Most Used Cars

Most Used Rocket League Cars

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Last Updated: May 29, 2024


When it was launched back in 2015, Rocket League was one of the most intriguing games in the industry.

People had seen football games and car games. But a football game that’s played with cars? That’s a very original idea and it quickly became a global phenomenon.

The game sold tens of millions of copies and has morphed into a successful esport. More recently it was bought by Epic Games, which bought its developer, Psyonix.

If you’re new to it or would love to learn more about it, this guide will tell you about some of the most used Rocket League cars.

The Importance of Cars in Rocket League

To understand why cars are so important in Rocket League, we must first discuss the game itself.

In football, what distinguishes one team from another is the quality of its players. In a game like League of Legends, you have champions with unique abilities.

In Rocket League, the players use cars to score goals and defend their post. However, not all cars are the same. What distinguishes them is their shape.

Since the goal is to control the ball, climb on the walls of the arena and defend your post, the shape of a car is very important.

Experience has taught players that some cars, thanks to the design of their model, offer a slight advantage. And that’s why they are used a lot more than others.

What Makes a Great Car in Rocket League

The best cars in Rocket League are those that give you excellent defensive and offensive capabilities. Such cars generally excel because of their shape.

When you first start playing the game, you should pick cars whose shape allows you to easily control the ball and score goals.

As you become better and better, you’ll want to start picking cars that give you a unique edge, either for offensive or defensive strategies.

Epic Games tries to keep its cars balanced and make all the options viable. And they are. But some options are better for you if you want to adopt a certain playstyle. It all depends on how you like to play the game.

If you don’t mind being weak when you defend, then a car with excellent offensive capabilities will be perfect for you, even if it’s hard to use when you defend your post.

But if you like to play safely and mostly use the counter-attack strategy, then you should pick a car that’s good for that.

The Best Rocket League Car

Here’s a list of the best Rocket League pro cars:


This car is one of the oldest in Rocket League and was made famous by the game’s posters, which feature it. It’s also featured inside the game.

Statues of it were built on various stadiums, such as DFH Stadium, and players easily recognize it in every situation.

From a practical standpoint, Octane is a great car because of its hitbox. The front of the car has a shape that allows the player to easily control the ball and hit it with precision.

Because of this, it’s hard to find people who don’t like this car. In most cases, it’s an easy pick and more than two thirds of the pro players enjoy using it in tournaments.

Visually, Octane is a blue car with two white lines to give it personality and enhance the contrast between the color of the body and the color of the tires.


This is another great car and it was introduced by the developer in 2019. Since then, it has become famous for almost the same characteristics that make the Octane a great choice.

The ball is easy to control when utilizing this car and its entire geometry makes you feel like you cannot miss the ball with it.

Both the front and the sides have a lot of straight lines and provide an easy way to attack and defend. Because of its shape, this car can hit the ball from any position.

The visual design of Fennec features a blend of yellow, red-pink, and purple. The windows are black, which adds to the car’s mysterious aspect.

Numerous players love this car and pick it in their games. The fact that it’s both squareish and relatively narrow makes it extremely nimble and practical in all scenarios.


Dominus resembles a Pontiac model from the late ‘60s. Players love it for its wide front but if you want to make good use of it, you’ll need to learn how to keep the ball close to the ground. Otherwise, controlling it becomes problematic.

Most players will agree that Dominus is an excellent defensive choice but won’t excel in offensive scenarios.

Thanks to its size, it can easily block a shot and prevent the ball from entering the post. But it’s harder to then move the ball in the right direction and control it with ease.

For that, the first two cars on this list are significantly better.

Dominus is easy to distinguish because of its combination of yellow and orange. The design of its wheels is particularly beautiful and gives it a modern look, even though the rest of the car will make you think of the 70s.


The Batmobile is one of the most famous cars not only in Rocket League but in culture in general.

Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy has made this car extremely popular and it’s not a surprise that RL players love it as well.

Because of its unique shape, the Batmobile allows you to perform all kinds of tricky maneuvers. But you’ll have to play it for many hours before you can make good use of its potential.

This is not an easy car to control and the ball can easily be lost when you accelerate with it.

In the right hands the Batmobile will perform excellent tricks that can put the opposing team in great difficulty. But if you’re a beginner, you probably shouldn’t pick it until you’ve mastered the game.





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