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Radu Muresan

Overwatch 2 was one of the most anticipated games of 2022. The shooter was originally played by more than 35 million people and it’s still very popular, having a player base of 20+ million.

One of the characteristics that make Overwatch 2 a great game is the characters. They’re called heroes and there are 35 of them in total. For a hero shooter game, that’s a lot. By contrast, Apex Legends has 23 and Valorant has only 20.

In this guide, you will learn more about the Overwatch 2 characters and what they excel at.

What Makes Overwatch 2 Characters Hard to Create

It’s quite difficult for a game developer to create a character with all of their traits while trying to maintain the game’s balance.

In MOBAs for instance, heroes tend to be extremely overpowered right when they’re first introduced into the game and it takes a while to figure out what can be done to make them work.

In other cases, a hero can prove to be completely useless unless it’s buffed considerably. But all of these operations, of testing, adjusting, and bringing a character to life with its entire lore, voice lines, and everything else takes a lot of work.

Because the MOBA genre includes a lot of RPG elements, it’s relatively easy to come up with new characters. But a shooter offers a lot more restrictions that make life challenging for any designer.

Overwatch 2 Heroes from the Player’s Perspective

Each Overwatch 2 character is unique and difficult to master. But if you do manage to reach a high level of competence, the game becomes a lot more fun because you’ll get to win frequently as a result of your smart decisions. And that feeling can be very rewarding.

If you could master all the Overwatch characters in just a few weeks or months, even the best players would probably spend just a few hundred hours in the game and then move to something else.

But Overwatch 2 is an esport and has the great quality of being relatively easy to learn but very hard to master. This keeps people interested for years.

Since the release of the first title in the series, which happened in 2016, a lot has changed in the game’s community and Blizzard ultimately decided to switch to the 5-man format for their Overwatch teams.

This means that in every match, there are more options to choose from and fewer counters to worry about.

The Importance of Knowing Every Overwatch 2 Hero

When you pick your Overwatch character, it’s good to know as much as you can about them. Because that knowledge will be the basis of your strategy. If you don’t know what you have at your disposal, you won’t be able to figure out how you can put it to good use to get an edge in your matches.

Every hero in the game has unique abilities, a role they’re good at, physical characteristics, and stats such as health and armor. A thorough understanding of these things is vital to your success.

Even how tall Sigma or some other character is can make a difference in your playstyle, because your shooting angle changes based on your picked hero’s height and your opponents’.

A Brief Look at the Overwatch 2 Characters

Here’s a short characterization of each character in Overwatch 2:


Ana is a support hero originating from Cairo, Egypt. She is described as someone who masterfully uses her skills to defend her home and those she cares for.

Ana uses a biotic rifle that has the power to damage enemies and heal allies. This rifle allows the player to zoom in and out, which means that the character is very interesting to play.

You’re practically a sniper that can hit everything that moves. The array of strategies permitted by this hero’s unique features is remarkable.

The remaining abilities possessed by Ana are Sleep Dart, Biotic Grenade, and Nano Boost.

All of them heal and boost allies, while damaging and debuffing enemies. The buffs and debuffs are not only for HP and armor but also for damage.

If you’re interested in the physical characteristics of this hero and would like to know how tall is Ana in Overwatch 2, you should know that Ana is approximately 1.82m or roughly 6ft.


Ashe is a damage hero that can be used with great effectiveness to kill enemies around the map. She belongs to the Deadlock Rebels Gang, which is part of the criminal underworld.

The lore of the character is fascinating and many are drawn to her because of this.

But Ashe is also a powerful hero equipped with a semi-automatic rifle called The Viper. Zoomed in, this rifle has a slower rate of fire but is a lot more accurate.

Ashe’s other three abilities are Coach Gun, Dynamite, and B.O.B. All of them are knockback and explosion-based skills.

If you want to know the physical characteristics of this hero and would like to find out how tall is Ashe in Overwatch, you should know that Ashe is one of the more human-like heroes and her approximate height is 1.67m or roughly 5ft 6.


This ex-Talon operative is a formidable combat medic whose goal is to help war survivors. Based on this description, you’ve probably figured out already that Baptiste is a support hero. His abilities are:

  • Biotic Launcher
  • Regenerative Burst
  • Immortality Field
  • Amplification Matrix
  • Exo Boots

These are all healing, protection, and mobility abilities that can be used to greatly improve the survivability of your allies.

If you’re interested in the physical characteristics of this hero and would like to know how tall is Baptiste in Overwatch 2, you should know that Baptiste is quite tall: ~1.89m or roughly 6ft 2.5.


Bastion was featured in some really beautiful animations and is a well-known Overwatch character. In Overwatch 2, he’s an explorer that loves nature but dislikes the fact that humanity regards him with a certain level of distrust.

He’s a robot and his main role is that of a damage dealer. His origin is Gothenburg, Sweden.

Bastion has five abilities:

  • Configuration: Assault
  • Configuration: Recon
  • A-36 Tactical Grenade
  • Reconfigure
  • Configuration: Artillery

All of these abilities offer Bastion powerful ways in which he can transform himself to deal with any situation.

If you want to know the physical characteristics of this character and would like to find out how tall is Bastion in Overwatch, you should know that he is one of the biggest heroes in the game. His height is 2.20m or 7ft 3.


Brigitte is a support hero with a vast skillset. She has no less than 7 abilities that can be used to heal and shield allies, as well as herself. Her unique feature is that by damaging enemies she heals her teammates.

If you want to know how tall is Brigitte, she is definitely tall enough to be in the top 10 Overwatch 2 characters: 1.91m.


Cassidy is an outlaw who follows his own laws and doesn’t care much about anything else. This damage-dealer has only 4 abilities but is extremely good at killing enemy heroes.

His unique feature is his revolver, which he can use with great accuracy to get the job done in a matter of seconds.

If you’re interested in the physical characteristics of this hero and would like to know how tall is Cassidy in Overwatch 2, he is 1.85m, which puts him in the top third of the tallest Overwatch 2 heroes.


D.Va is a tank who is a former professional gamer (talk about going meta!) that uses her skills in defense of her country.

With her 8 abilities, D.Va can accomplish a wide range of tasks on the battlefield, including killing enemies and flying in the direction she is facing. This hero is highly versatile.

If you’re interested in the physical characteristics of this character and would like to know how tall is D.Va in Overwatch 2, you should know that she is not very tall relative to the other characters: 1.66m or 5ft 5.

However, that won’t stop her from taking on large groups of enemies during games.


Doomfist is a tank hero and the leader of Talon. In the game, he is regarded as one of the villains and is said to be a terrorist who opposes what’s known as Overwatch.

Doomfist has 5 abilities that allow him to defend against frontal attacks, deal a lot of damage from close range, leap forward, and knock enemies back.

This hero’s ultimate is similar to the ultimate of a Dota 2 hero called Dawnbreaker. He can simply leave his location and land like a meteor somewhere else.

If you want to know how tall is Doomfist, he is very tall: 2.18m or 7ft 1. Only a handful of Overwatch characters are taller than him.


This robot can easily carry his team to victory by dealing a lot of damage to the enemy side. His artificial intelligence is one of the most sophisticated in the world. You can think of him as a kind of AlphaGo with a body.

Echo’s abilities range from multi-shot skills to laser-focus skills. He’s also excellent at moving around thanks to her ultimate (Glide) and Flight.

If you’re interested in the physical characteristics of this character and would like to know how tall is Echo in Overwatch 2, you should know that Echo has the same height as Ana: 1.82m.


Genji is probably one of the most iconic Overwatch 2 heroes. He’s a cyborg ninja that uses an augmented body to hunt down enemies and deal massive amounts of damage to the opposite team.

His abilities allow him to hit targets with precision and close the distance with ease.

If you’re a player who loves mobility heroes, this one is among the best.

If you want to know how tall is Genji, he is in the bottom 10 for this trait: 1.70m. However, that serves him well because it allows him to move and avoid bullets more easily.


Hanzo is the definition of the bowman and assassin. Based on the lore, he is a warrior without equal. This damage dealer from Japan can use one of his six abilities to kill enemies from afar and escape all unwanted combat with the help of his double jump, called Lunge.

If you’re wondering how tall is Hanzo in Overwatch 2, his height is 1.73m. For heroes of his type, that height works well with the lore and it also allows him to be better at long-range combat because it allows him to avoid incoming projectiles quite easily.

Junker Queen

This is a rather eccentric character that’s armed with an axe. She’s on a mission to rule the world and her primary role is tank.

Junker Queen excels at wounding enemies and dealing damage over time. She can also heal from this type of damage.

If you want to know how tall is Junker Queen, she is up there with Bastion and Doomfist: 2.13m.


Junkrat is a demolitionist and his abilities revolve around chaos and destruction. If you’re interested in playing Overwatch 2 heroes with excellent AoE abilities, he’s one of the best picks. He has five abilities in total and you can easily kill multiple enemies with several of them.

If you ever wondered how tall is Junkrat in Overwatch, he’s very tall: 1.96m.


Kiriko is a support hero with excellent healing and teleporting skills. She is the daughter of a famous swordmaster, Kiriko Kamori, and utilizes ninja skills to aid her broken city.

When you play this character, you’re constantly seeking out targets from your own team to help and you can easily keep your distance thanks to your ranged skills.

Like Genji, Kiriko is 1.70m tall.


This Brazilian character is an activist. His main role is to support his teammates with his musical abilities. Lucio excels at buffs and mobility skills.

He has six abilities in total and is one of the more challenging supports to play. Making good use of his toolkit requires a deep understanding of the game.

If you want to know how tall is Lucio, he is very close to the bottom of the list: 1.60m.


If you love science, then Mei is the right character to pick. She has an excellent toolkit that can offer her great protection and the ability to slow enemies down.

Mei’s height is 1.60m.


Mercy is another great scientist who excels at healing people. She’s also known for her desire to see the world at peace. This guardian angel has six abilities in her toolkit and will not only heal but even revive teammates on the battlefield.

Some of her most important features are her ability to fly and move with ease across difficult terrain.

Mercy’s height is 1.70m.


In the scientist category, Moira plays a very important role. She’s on the cutting edge of genetic engineering. Her goal is to rewrite the fundamental blocks of life in the hope of achieving something spectacular.

The core features of this character are the ability to become invulnerable and the skill to heal allies while damaging enemies.

In terms of her physical characteristics, Moira is 1.95m tall.


Orisa is one of the cyborgs of Overwatch 2 and she’s been recently appointed to be one of the defense robots of Numbani.

Just from the lore alone, you can probably tell that this hero is a tank.

But unlike other tanks, her abilities are less focused on buffing teammates and more focused on buffing herself.

She can control enemies with ease, hold them in place and become virtually impossible to kill for short periods of time.

In terms of her physical characteristics, Orisa is one of the two tallest heroes in Overwatch 2. Her height is 2.23m.


This is a top-tier soldier whose greatest desire is to serve with honor. This highly decorated warrior relies on mobility and mini-rockets to get the job done.

She has five abilities in total and they can be extremely powerful if you know how to use them properly.

Physically, Pharah is estimated to be 1.80m tall.


This is another one of those negative characters whose goal is to take over the world and whose abilities are excellent for dealing AoE damage.

You should always play Ramattra against low-mobility heroes because he has a natural advantage against them.

Physically, very little is known about Ramattra, but based on his in-game model, he’s probably somewhere around 1.75m tall.


Reaper is a dual-wielding terrorist who acts with the goal of killing. However, his motives are mysterious.

Reaper is a carry hero who can deal a lot of damage to single targets given the opportunity. However, he tends to be effective only from a short distance.

His toolkit allows him to be very survivable, get close to his enemies and even take out multiple enemies at once.

Physically, if you want to know how tall is Reaper in Overwatch 2, you’ll be intrigued to learn that his height is 1.85m.


If you’d like to play a character from a completely different era, who seems to have been transported miraculously to the future, Reinhardt is the perfect choice.

This character is all about the knightly codes of valor, justice, and courage.

As a tank, this hero can deal a surprising amount of damage and protect himself quite well from enemy attacks. He can also launch a fiery projectile from afar and stun multiple targets at once.

Physically, Reinhardt is the tallest character in Overwatch 2, having a height of 2.23m.


Roadhog is a purely malicious character that enjoys random acts of destruction. He’s a natural tank and relies quite heavily on moving his opponents.

This makes him perfect for situations in which you need to separate a target from the rest of its team and drag it close to your own team, who will then kill it almost instantly.

Roadhog is absolutely huge and his height is 2.20m.


Sigma is an astrophysicist who can control gravity but has become a servant of Talon, a powerful organization in the Overwatch universe. He is a tank and excels at both defending himself from attacks and knocking down his opponents.

Little is known about Sigma’s characteristics but he’s probably a 2m tall man who can fight against multiple enemies at once.


Sojourn is deeply connected to the past and wants to make sure that present-day heroes don’t repeat the same mistakes that old ones did.

She excels at everything that involves mobility and piercing damage. If the enemy team makes the mistake of overlapping multiple heroes, Sojourn might kill several of them with one shot.

Physically, Sojourn is 1.80m tall.

Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76 was for a long time one of the most famous characters in Overwatch. Now, in Overwatch 2, he continues to be quite popular and his skillset is that of a carry.

He is the target of a global manhunt. The Overwatch organization wants him dead because he’s trying to expose the truth behind its collapse.

Soldier: 76’s toolkit is quite impressive and includes all kinds of useful abilities: moving faster, aimbot, healing field, and so on. Physically, this hero is 1.85m tall.


Sombra’s lore is fascinating. She’s known to be one of the world’s most famous hackers and will use sensitive information to manipulate powerful characters in the Overwatch universe.

Sombra’s toolkit gives you the feeling that you’re using wallhack.

This hero has very powerful abilities that can lead to big advantages for her team. Her damage output is high because her abilities greatly amplify all the damage she deals.

Sombra’s physique is not very imposing. The character is only 1.62m tall.


Symmetra is a master of bending reality. She is an engineer who can drastically change the environment around her. The most important skills that she has are Teleporter and Photon Barrier.

Physically, Symmetra is 1.70m tall.


This is another one of those mythical characters that seem inspired by Norse mythology. He is a highly skilled engineer who can deploy turrets, repair them, and gain temporary buffs.

Torbjorn is ideal for people who enjoy playing in a mixed style. The primary role of this hero is carry (or damage).

The physical characteristics of Torbjorn are some of the most modest in the game. This hero is just 1.40m tall but will wreak havoc if you know how to play him properly.


Tracer is by far the most recognizable Overwatch 2 character. One of the reasons is that she’s based on a real-life person who works for Blizzard, called Soe Gschwind.

Tracer is all about movement. She’s quick and will easily get behind enemy lines. Thanks to her abilities, she can kill a key target in seconds and then get back safely to her team.

Blink is probably one of the most satisfying abilities in Overwatch 2.

Tracer is 1.62m tall and is one of the most relatable characters in the game, being fully human.


This character is an exceptional assassin that can climb walls and position herself exactly where she needs to be to get critical kills for her team.

Imagine that you’re playing a sniper who can relocate with ease and play like an Assassin’s Creed character. That’s Widowmaker.

Physically, this hero is 1.75m tall and is not very imposing. But as soon as she starts shooting, you’ll see her enemies fleeing left and right.


Winston is a formidable tank whose Primal Rage turns him into a nearly unkillable monster that can jump on enemies and smash them with just a few hits. This hero should only be picked if you have a team to back you up.

On your own you’re easy to kite. But with a competent healer and another competent crowd controller, you can do great things.

The physical characteristics of Winston are scary. The hero is 2.20m tall and will look very imposing in his true form.

Wrecking Ball

This mouse controls a powerful spider-like robot and is a great tank. Among other things, he can transform into a ball and just roll at great speed across the map.

His ultimate ability allows you to deploy a large number of bombs everywhere around you.

If your enemies ever get trapped for just a few seconds, you can deal heavy damage to an entire team with this ability, which is called Minefield.

Wrecking Ball is the smallest hero in Overwatch 2. If we’re referring just to Hammond, the mouse that controls the robot, he is 0.4m tall.


Zarya is a powerful athlete that’s played in the tank role. She uses a particle cannon that can deal enormous amounts of damage if focused on a target even for just a few seconds.

One of the best abilities of this hero is Graviton Surge, which pulls multiple enemies together and holds them in place.

Physically, Zarya is very imposing and her height is 1.95m.


Zenyatta is a robot monk in search of spiritual enlightenment. This hero has a powerful toolkit that allows him to play the support role with ease.

His ability to make himself invulnerable to damage and heal nearby allies is particularly useful during key battles.

Zenyatta’s physique is not very imposing. The hero’s height is 1.72m.





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