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Last Updated: July 21, 2022


If you decide to try new generation games, you need to understand the most commonly used terms, which we will cover here.

What does lit mean in CSGO?

When someone hits the player in counter-strike but does not kill them, it means the player is lit.

Lit means that the player is hurt.

Usually, it goes with the number, which indicates how much damage that specific player has taken.

For example, if you hear someone saying β€œLIT 82” it means that the player has 18 HP left, which we get by subtracting the LIT number from a 100, which refers to a full player health.

This is just one of the common terms, but it is vital to understand what LIT means in CSGO since that might influence your strategy against particular players.

The next time you hear this saying, you already know what it is and will be prepared to chase down the injured player.

That said, do you know what is CSGO toggling?





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