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There are many interesting CSGO terms you need to know, and toggling definitely comes high on the list.

Therefore, this article focuses on csgo toggle function.

In the following sections, we discuss what is toggling csgo and everything else you need to know about toggling if you are an avid gamer or if you are just starting your eSports adventure.

Before we discuss toggle csgo, we should examine the definition of toggling in general.

What is the Definition of Toggling?


To understand toggling in csgo, we need to examine the general definition of toggling. In the simplest terms, toggling means to fasten or to furnish.

In general terms, toggling can also mean switching between different options. To toggle or to switch between two or more different options, usually, one press of a single key or button is required.

When it comes to toggling and its meaning in the gaming community, this usually means switching between different options.

Essentially, cs go toggle implies switching from one to another option.

In csgo toggle, there are usually only two options available.

When a player switches from one to another option, this is toggling. When it comes to toggling in csgo, gamers just need to click a single button or use a specific key combination to activate the cs go toggle feature.

When discussing what is toggling csgo, we should mention that toggling features can be turned off or on based on gamers’ preferences.

How Do Gamers Use CS GO Toggle Commands?

This leads us to toggle csgo commands. The main question is how do you toggle command in Counter Strike Global Offensive.

Of course, the very first step is to launch the game on your gaming device. Once the game launches, you are presented with a detailed main menu section that features all different commands and other options.

In order to initiate toggle csgo, navigate to the Settings Cog section located at the bottom of the main screen.


Once here, click on the Game Settings button to access the full list of all different game settings options. Go through this list until you come across the Enable Developer Console feature.

Make sure you turn on this feature to enable csgo toggle. Gamers that want to turn off the toggle csgo can do so by clicking on the button located next to the Aim Down Sight feature.

Once they unbind the specific keyboard combination, the csgo toggle feature will be turned off.

What is Toggling CSGO? “Toggle Aim” vs “Hand Aim”

When discussing cs go toggle, we have to briefly mention the Counter Strike aiming mode. When you launch the game, the aiming mode turned on by default means you need to press and hold down your right mouse button to aim your chosen weapon.

This is the default option and it can be changed. Many gamers prefer other aiming options, such as click to aim weapons.

In addition, having to double click for a quick aim of a weapon does not work for all gamers. This is where csgo toggle options come in very handy.


There are major differences between “hold aim” and “toggle aim”. If you turn on the “toggle aim” option, you first need to click to aim your weapon and click again to remove your aim.

As expected, this does not work for everyone, so changing it to the default “hold aim” feature is the best option, especially since scoped shooting is tremendously popular among Counter Strike Global Offensive players.

The Major CS GO Toggle Commands 

This leads us to the major csgo toggle commands. As mentioned in the first section, toggling in gaming means switching from one option to another and this also applies to toggling in Counter Strike Global Offensive.

One of the most used toggle commands in Counter Strike Global Offensive is “toggle voice_enable.” As expected, this command would toggle voice off or on depending on its value.

Another commonly used toggle command in the game is “toggle bot_difficulty 0 1 2 3”. As expected, this csgo toggle command would toggle the difficulty of the bot through the specified values.

Regardless of which toggle command you want to use, you need to open the developer console mode once you launch the game. Once you enable the option, you get to use quite a few different commands.

In addition, you will be able to change the size and color of your crosshair, the appearance of your mini map, and the position of the map.

Once you launch the CSGO command console, you can also change numerous other features of the mini map, alter gun positions and model bob, and access all different in-depth stats which suggest how well your gaming device is tunning the game.

In addition, once you open the console mode, you can also disable or enable bots, so this remains one of the major practice modes for most CSGO gamers.

Aside from these handy options, with the console mode, you get to access many other options to customize and, of course, improve your overall gaming experience. This is why most avid CSGO players turn to toggle commands.

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