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Last Updated: February 12, 2023

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Dead By Daylight is a competitive game that differentiates itself by utilizing an absolutely brilliant combination of survival and hunting modes and mixing them with a strong horror theme.

This game is certainly not for everyone and some players are guaranteed to have nightmares after playing it. But if you can deal with the dark themes, you will absolutely have a lot of fun competing in DBD because the system is really well thought through.

If you’re new to Dead By Daylight and would like to master the game a bit faster, this guide will teach you all you need to know about DBD ranks and how you can climb the ladder more efficiently.

How Dead By Daylight Works

In Dead By Daylight, the goal is to cooperate with your teammates to escape a killer that wants all of you dead. To accomplish this, you will need to perform tasks (much like in Among Us) and save your friends from the hooks on which they get placed by the killer.

Of course, that’s just one side of the game. The other side requires you to be the killer himself and to chase people until they’re all hanging from the hooks.

When you get chased, you need to run as fast as you can and coordinate with the rest of your team. When you’re the one chasing others, you need to prevent them from working as a unit.

Because the killer plays alone against four other players, his character is naturally much stronger than the characters of the other players.

The fun thing about Dead By Daylight is that you can choose your killer from a set of dozens of options.

Each individual killer is completely unique and gives you the opportunity to create highly customized tactics to deal with the opposing team.

Survivors have items while killers have powers. Both sides must learn how to make effective use of their tools to get the job done.

At the moment, the game is played by around half a million people but its growth potential is enormous, primarily because of how smart its design is.

The release date of Dead By Daylight was June 14, 2016. Since then, the game has been carefully adjusted to create a balanced experience. More than 450,000 left a review on Steam and overall, the reviews are very positive.

Dead By Daylight Ranks

dead by daylight ranks

Images courtesy of Behaviour Interactive

If you want to improve your DBD rank, you need to understand the new DBD ranking system, which is not that complicated. This survival horror game has a relatively simple methodology to rank players based on how skilled they are.

Every player has a hidden MMR, also known as a matchmaking rating. This MMR codifies how strong you are as a player and based on that, you get your Grade.

There are five Grades in total and each of them has four levels. So overall, when you play Dead By Daylight you can have one of 20 ranks.

The Dead By Daylight Grades are listed below:

  • Ash
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Iridescent

For each of these Grades, there are four divisions. The lowest is the 4th (IV) while the highest is the 1st (I). Your goal will be to go from Ash IV to Ash I, and then move to Bronze IV, and so on. The final rank is Iridescent I.

One characteristic of the Dead By Daylight ranking system is that it gets reset every month, on the 13th. However, your hidden MMR stays the same. This means that when you start the new season, you will climb the ladder much faster.

To rank up, you need to perform well in games and get Pips. For each rank, you will need to know how many Pips you still need to move to the next rank.

In Dead By Daylight, you always rank up until the end of the season. This means that even if you have 0 Pips left and you lose a match, you will not get demoted.

How many pips you get at the end of a match depends on the number of Emblems you received during the match.

The DBD Emblem System

dbd new ranking system

Understanding the DBD emblem system is just as important as understanding DBD grades. That’s because this system tells you how you can score points or how you can make the system regard you as a valuable player during a match.

The Killer and the Survivors are offered different Emblems. These Emblems come in various qualities and they award points to the players that get them. The equivalence system is this:

  • No emblem: +0
  • Bronze: +30
  • Silver: +100
  • Gold: +190
  • Iridescent: +270

Emblem ranks help you to gain Pip points. Higher ranks are worth more points.

If you play the killer, you get rewarded for one of these accomplishments or actions:

  • Gatekeeper: slow down generator repairs
  • Devout: sacrifice and kill survivors
  • Malicious: apply pressure on survivors
  • Chaser: find survivors and win chases

If you play as one of the survivors, you get rewarded for these things:

  • Lightbringer: repairing a generator
  • Unbroken: surviving
  • Benevolent: being altruistic (helping your teammates)
  • Evader: staying hidden from the killer or winning chases

How to Improve Your Skills as a Killer

dbd rank

Killers need to learn how to divide and conquer the enemy team. You are naturally stronger than any of the survivors, so your goal is to disorient and catch them one by one.

Playing the killer role becomes much easier when you understand the survivor role. The better your knowledge of the weaknesses of this other role, the more effective you will be at stopping survivors from doing what they want.

When one survivor is hooked, the others will try to help him. When the opportunity arises, survivors will try to repair a generator.

You will need to devise a plan of action to nullify the actions of the survivors and prevent them from working as a team.

Always try to find a weak target first. If you’re dealing with a player who doesn’t understand how to trade, he will panic and probably give you the opportunity to make a lot of progress with very simple moves.

The higher you climb in rank, the smarter the survivors become. But different kinds of survivors can be dealt with using different kinds of killers and strategies.

You must learn to play as many killers as possible. However, you should narrow your focus at first and try to master 3-5 of them. You cannot become good at everything at once and even one killer will take many games to master.

Plan based on what the enemy team does and seek to impose the rhythm of the game instead of having it imposed upon you.

If the survivors can force you to chase them the way they want, you will lose. Ideally, they should feel like you are everywhere all the time.

How to Improve Your Skills as a Survivor

dbd ranking system

When you play the survivor role, you need to constantly communicate with your team. The survivors need to be selfless and understand that the goal of the game is to trade in such a way that allows the rest of your team to thrive and compensate for your personal losses.

The game feels like CS:GO sometimes. You need to always trade efficiently. If you only think about your own safety, you cannot win. The killer is stronger than you and your teammates.

If you get chased, you’ll generally get caught, unless someone from your team runs to an objective and distracts the killer’s attention.

But as soon as that happens, a smart killer will change his objective and now you will need to change yours.

You can’t just stop and do nothing. This game requires you to do something useful at all times and prioritize what needs to be done first, second, and third.

If you can save a teammate, save them. If you can repair something, do that. If you need to run away, try to keep the killer busy for as long as possible.

The bigger the distance between the survivors, the better. The worst situation is one in which the survivors are too close to each other and cannot do anything without the killer ruining their efforts.

If the killer needs to spend a lot of time accomplishing a task, at least one or two of your team members will be able to do something useful while he’s busy doing that and gain an advantage.

Always remember: you are four and he is only one. With good planning, you should almost always gain small advantages as the game progresses.

The secret in this game is to never panic and never think about yourself. Think about your team and you will succeed!





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