Is 7 Days To Die Cross-Platform and Offers Crossplay?

7 Days to Die cross platform

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Last Updated: May 28, 2024

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Does 7 Days to Die have crossplay enabled and can you play 7 Days to Die cross platform regardless of the hardware? These are questions that many new fans of the title are wondering. Some of the best free crossplay games are on that exclusive list because of the crossplay feature.

The best Call of Duty zombie games have introduced us to a new world of gaming, many developers have looked up to. But unlike most survival games that turned out to be a Resident Sleeper, 7 Days to Die implemented some new aspects.

This might not make it one of the best esports titles to bet on, but there’s still a lot of fun to be had. Especially with friends. So, can you play 7 Days to Die cross platform? Let’s find out.

Is 7 Days To Die Cross Platform 2023?

Only a few things feel better than finding a new passion that consumes you. If video games are your preference, this often comes in the form of open-world titles. But as great as single-player modes can be, the real fun comes from interacting with other people. This is where the multiplayer mode for 7 days to die comes into play.

So, is 7 days to die cross play compatible? The short answer is YES but to a certain extent. The survival horror sandbox game developed by The Fun Pimps does support crossplay, but only on the same platform.

This means that users playing on PlayStation consoles can only team up with other PlayStation users. The same goes for Xbox and PC users. But there’s a catch that makes the question is seven days to die cross platform harder to interpret. 

Is 7 Days To Die Cross Platform Xbox and PS4 2023

Ever since the multiplayer mode was released, the developers of 7 Days to Die have enabled cross platform integration between the Xbox One console and the PlayStation 4 console. This means that players using these hardware devices can team up and compete against each other in the 7 Days to Die crossplay multiplayer mode, despite using different platforms to access the game.

This still holds true in 2023. So, is 7 days to die cross platform compatible? The answer is YES, but only if you are using the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. As of 2023, the developers of 7 Days to Die still haven’t released a version for the consoles of the newer generations. Thus far, there is NO 7 Days to Die cross platform integration for the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.

Is 7 Days To Die Cross Platform Mac PC 2023

Newer consoles might not have access to 7 Days to Die, but you can still play this game on your computer. That’s because the developers, Fun Pimps, have made 7 Days to Die crossplay compatible on most computers since release. You might not be able to play 7 Days to Die on hardware running a Linux operating system. 

But you can definitely play 7 Days to Die on any device running Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X as their operative system. 7 Days to Die IS crossplay compatible on Mac and PC, enabling users to access the same servers in both multiplayer and co-op game modes. This is great to hear, considering almost everyone has at least one device running on these operating systems in their home.

Is 7 Days To Die Cross Platform Xbox PC 2023?

Okay, so 7 Days to Die PC players can play with each other. So can Xbox One and PS4 owners. But can you combine any of these player bases? Is 7 Days to Die crossplay on PC Xbox? The answer is NO. 7 Days to Die is NOT cross platform on Xbox PC.

The reasoning for this is very simple. The version PC players are using is not compatible with the console version. While it’s true that PC players using different operating systems can play together, that’s due to the 7 days to die crossplay PC integration.

Unfortunately, 7 Days to Die cross platform Xbox PC integration is still not enabled in 2023. That also extends to any platform you are using to play the game. If you subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass, the 7 Days to Die crossplay Xbox PC gamepass version is NOT compatible. The same goes for the 7 Days to Die crossplay Steam and Gamepass versions. At the moment, there is NO WAY for PC and Xbox players to play 7 Days to Die together.

Is 7 Days To Die Cross Platform PS4 and PC 2023?

The same fate follows PlayStation users as well. You’re probably wondering if is 7 Days to Die cross platform PS4 and PC? Unfortunately, 7 Days to Die crossplay on PS4 and PC is NOT enabled as of 2023. 

PC players are still restricted to teaming up with other PC players, regardless if they are running Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X as their operating system. At the same time, PlayStation users can only play against other PlayStation users and Xbox One owners.

Will 7 Days To Die Ever Be Cross Platform

And while it is fun to speculate will 7 days to die be crossplay, we can never know for certain. So far the developers have made no statement on is seven days to die cross platform integration coming any time soon. Although it is possible since the game is technically, still a work in progress. 

Many also wonder will 7 Days to Die ever be finished, considering there are countless mods being released by the community. The developers might have switched their attention to another project, but a loyal player base is enough to keep a game going.

Maybe if there is a big new update coming up encompassing all of the community mods, the developers will feel inclined to implement full crossplay compatibility. It would make no sense to divide the community even further if there is new content to be had.

How to invite friends on 7 Days To Die Cross Platform?

Now that you know which hardware platforms have crossplay capabilities for 7 Days to Die, it’s time we learn how to use them. This is how to invite cross platform 7 Days to Die users to a single server. First of all, you and your friends will need to make sure that everyone is using the same version of the game.

If you are using a PC to host a 7 Days to Die server, this is how you should go about it. After starting the game on your device, make sure to locate the “Multiplayer” option in the game’s main menu. Open the drop-down menu, select “Host Game” from the available options, and complete the server configuration.

After you’re done with it, use the F1 key on your keyboard to enter the game console, and then type “net_serverlist 1” to activate the server browser. Make sure you copy the IP address that’s shown in the console. That’s the only way other players can join you on the server.

Console users have it much easier though. Regardless if you are using an Xbox One or a PS4, you can easily join your friends on a 7 Days to Die server, only if you have them added. 

What is 7 Days to Die?

Well, “7 Days to Die” is a survival horror sandbox game developed by The Fun Pimps which was released in 2013. The game features a voxel-based world with elements of survival, crafting, and horror gameplay all combined for an immersive experience. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies, which seems to be a tried and tested format for this type of game. 

While the graphics leave a lot to be desired for 2013 standards they still serve their purpose well, with a destructible environment that helps set up a grim atmosphere that makes for an immersive post-apocalyptic survival experience. The title is a blend of first-person and third-person gameplay. 

Core gameplay mechanics revolve around players scavenging resources from the environment, crafting items that they will use to stay alive. This crafting system is also quite detailed, adding a big learning curve to the game.

The innovative “7-day” cycle creates a sense of urgency and a need for strategy, something we haven’t seen in this type of game. This mechanic where hordes of zombies become significantly more aggressive and numerous forces players to create a fine balance between fortifying their bases, exploration, and preparing defenses. 

“7 Days to Die” can be played both in single-player and multiplayer modes. The cooperative multiplayer experience is a major draw, and it’s what has kept this game alive for so long. Having the ability for players to team up with friends in order to survive, strategize, and build against a zombie apocalypse has always been appealing.  

The issue emerges from the fact that the game is still in alpha phase nearly a decade later, with most meaningful content coming from the community in the form of mods.

Cross Platform Games Like 7 Days To Die 2023

So if this description fits your taste, you might be interested in other titles that offer a similar but more polished experience. We have created a list of the best cross platform titles out there that follow a similar approach.

  • Dying Light 2: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and Series S, PC (Microsoft Windows).
  • Rust: PC (Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X)
  • DayZ: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC (Microsoft Windows).
  • Resident Evil: Village: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and Series S, PC (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does 7 Days To Die Get Harder?

The progressive nature of the title does make it feel like it. But in reality, once you learn the most important game mechanics, the game is not that challenging. It’s the learning curve that causes most of the confusion. Also, the lack of developer updates makes it rather easy to advance through the main plot.

Is 7 Days to Die Multiplayer?

Yes, it is. The 7 days to die crossplay integration enables players on different platforms to access the game and compete with and against each other. The multiplayer mode in 7 Days to Die helps to create an immersive co-op experience, something unusual for survival games.

Is 7 Days to Die Splitscreen?

Yes, it is. Considering that this is an older title designed for Xbox One and PS4 console users, the developers did add this feature to the game. Although having 7 days to die cross platform integration is much more important these days and something developers should really look into.

Are 7 Days to Die Servers Shutting Down?

Despite constant neglect from the development team, 7 Days to Die has managed to survive for over a decade. This mostly boils down to its loyal player base, which continues to keep servers running. They also update the title with community mods. In December 2022, the developers made a big announcement. They said that they’ve hired an external team to port the title to newer-gen consoles. This includes the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. So it’s highly unlikely that servers will go down. As a matter of fact, there is a higher chance for the addition of new content. Even new servers might be in store.





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