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Last Updated: May 28, 2024

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These CoD Warzone tips are just the start. Learning how to get better at CoD Warzone will take a lot of practice. But just like the best CoD Warzone players, effort always pays off. You can’t cheat the grind!

Warzone is not like all CoD games leading up to it. The title was meant to be Call of Duty’s breakthrough into the realm of the best free crossplay games. Releasing a free to play title and moving away from the monetization method some of the best MMOs 2024 are using was a big risk. 

But it paid off as Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most popular titles in the battle royale genre. Now, let’s find out how you can become more proficient at it. Are you wondering how to get good at Warzone? We got you covered! 

Best CoD Warzone Settings

Improving your performance in Call of Duty: Warzone extends beyond gameplay tactics. Similarly to optimizing your Apex Legends controller settings, doing the same with these CoD Warzone tips will achieve similar results. Addressing settings such as sensitivity, field-of-view (FOV), aim assist, and color preferences, can significantly enhance the level of your gameplay.

For sensitivity, make sure to tailor your settings to match your playstyle. If you find yourself struggling to turn quickly and respond fast, consider upping your sensitivity. On a mouse, increasing DPI or mouse sensitivity can be effective. For controller users, tweaking horizontal and vertical sensitivity fields can make a noticeable difference in responsiveness.

Aim assist is a hotly contested topic in communities composed of gamers who use controllers. This is rather subjective and it doesn’t hurt to experiment. However, many players find success with the Standard aim assist and a Dynamic curve. 

Boosting FOV, particularly on PC, is highly recommended. Opt for the ‘Affected’ FOV mode, as it creates the illusion of reduced recoil. Whether playing on a PC or console, having even a visual advantage can make you more comfortable and better at Warzone.

Fine-tuning your controller or mouse sensitivity is a major thing. However, implementing a proper ADS (Aim Down Sight) multiplier can improve targeting precision. The ADS multiplier adjusts sensitivity when aiming down weapon sights, aiding in tracking targets at varying distances. And considering most of the engagements in CoD Warzone take place in medium-ranged fights, this is especially crucial to your success.

Customizing field of view is available on all platforms, offering a competitive edge to those who choose to use it. Increasing FOV beyond the default of 90 provides a broader perspective, allowing you to observe more of the game world at a glance.

Advanced CoD Warzone Tips

Apart from sensitivity and control scheme adjustments, these CoD Warzone settings can also make a big impact.

  • Armor Plate Behavior: Set to “Apply All” for quicker and more efficient armor plate equipment.
  • Slide Behavior: Opt for the “Tap” setting for smoother and more controlled sliding.
  • Parachute Auto-Deploy: Disable this feature to retain control and flexibility during the descent.
  • Mini Map Shape: Choose “Square” for a distinct and easily readable mini-map.
  • Music Volume: Set to 0.00 to eliminate in-game music distractions, particularly during endgame circles where audio cues are crucial.

Best CoD Warzone Weapon Loadouts

Choose Your Playstyle

In Call of Duty: Warzone, optimizing your loadout and adopting efficient looting strategies are crucial for success. And all of that boils down to choosing your playstyle. Some players enjoy being aggressive from the get-go.

Challenging their opponents in aim duels, and basically skill-checking them. But that’s for the more advanced players. If you’re looking to get good at Warzone, you need to learn a lot of things. That starts with acquiring a lot of resources.

While floor weapons and gear can suffice initially, your personalized loadouts are likely to yield the best performance. To achieve this, prioritize accumulating $10,000 in cash early on to purchase a Loadout Drop from the nearest or safest Buy Station.

Focus on Loadout Drops

Warzone 2.0 introduces different ways to obtain weapons. These include loadout drops and the ability to purchase primary weapons from Buy Stations. With numerous weapons and attachments to choose from, the decision-making process can be overwhelming. 

It’s best to accumulate around $20,000, including loadout money, to purchase essential items such as a Self-Revive, a gas mask (if not found), and a killstreak like a UAV or Precision Airstrike. Fully stocking up enhances your chances of winning the match.

Gearing up should be your main priority, whether playing solo or with squads. Even after obtaining $10,000 for your loadout, continue looting to gather more cash and gear. Specifically, aim for an armor satchel, providing a maximum of eight plates instead of five, along with additional ammo and cash.

Never Stop Looting

Being caught in loot windows can leave you vulnerable. Therefore, setting up your game for efficient looting is paramount. Adjust your “Interact/Reloaded Behavior” setting to a natural and comfortable option, such as tap to interact. 

This ensures quick item retrieval, minimizing downtime and allowing more time for crucial activities like movement, aiming, and securing victories. Any resource you can get your hands on is good to have, but knowing what’s needed at a particular stage of the game comes with experience.

That’s how the Apex Legends ranked system works, and all competitive battle royale titles for that matter.

Spend Your Cash

Another crucial CoD Warzone tip is inventory management. Try not to hold too many plates, with 9 being the absolute maximum. Prioritize extra utility items like portable Radars, UAVs, or frag grenades. Frag grenades, in particular, are highlighted as the best lethal streak for solos.

These deal a substantial blow, with 251 damage when accurately landed, so make sure you practice throwing these. Consider filling any available space in your inventory with extra frag grenades or tactical equipment, as they will autofill into your active Loadout. 

In the final circle, this allows for effective spamming of lethals and tacticals, overwhelming opponents and forcing mistakes that can lead to victory. These CoD Warzone tips are actually strategic choices that will contribute significantly to improving your performance in Warzone.

Practice Your Movement

Like most FPS games, movement is king. Mastering movement mechanics is a cornerstone of success, that means much more than traversing terrain from one point to another. One pivotal technique to grasp is the ‘slide cancel.’ 

This maneuver not only makes you a more elusive target but also enhances your speed across open terrain. With Warzone being inherently fast-paced, especially in the Rebirth mode, continuous movement is essential for survival. 

Whether vaulting through windows, leaping off rooftops, or utilizing zip lines, finesse in movement becomes a strategic imperative. The return of slide canceling from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 necessitates adjustments for optimal execution.

This once again goes back to optimizing your settings, particularly the “Slide Maintains Sprint” setting, which should be turned on. This setting ensures that upon exiting a slide, your character seamlessly maintains momentum.

Fluid movement enhances precision and responsiveness. This means that standing still is practically a death sentence. Season 5 brought adjustments to slide mechanics, reducing slide time and increasing slide velocity. 

These changes allow players to cover more ground in less time, fostering a dynamic and agile playstyle. If you’ve tried Rainbow Six Siege crossplay, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

On top of this, the update introduced improvements to lateral velocity boost while jumping and a reduction in the landing slowdown penalty. These tweaks aim to make dodging enemies during gunfights feel more seamless and responsive than ever before.

Learn the Best Drop Spots

Choosing the right landing zone is a critical decision in Call of Duty: Warzone. This CoD Warzone tip sets the tone for the entire match. The moment the plane’s cutscene kicks in, the planning starts. Looking at the map provides valuable information about potential player concentrations and helps in planning.

As players gain confidence, adapting tactics based on the chosen landing zone becomes pivotal. If you don’t like chaotic gunfights, opting for more remote areas to secure solid equipment is a strategic choice. 

On the flip side, embracing the “trial by fire” approach involves training in crowded locales like the popular Observatory in Al Mazrah. Regardless of the chosen strategy, squad coordination is essential for maximizing effectiveness.

Personally, I like landing near a redeploy drone towards the end of the drop sequence. Especially in solo play, this choice is favorable since end-of-drop locations are often less contested. 

On top of this, it helps with early rotations to buy stations and to the next circle. Spotting enemies is also a lot easier, which can help you plan your looting or your first attack.

A fundamental CoD Warzone tips is to learn the map. While this knowledge naturally accumulates with more gameplay, the key is consistently dropping in new locations during the initial stages of play. 

Beyond familiarizing oneself with major landmarks, progressing to understand advantageous areas across the map is crucial. Recognizing where to engage or avoid fights is instrumental in elevating Warzone gameplay.

This is especially the case on expansive maps like Verdansk and Caldera, where you have so much to learn.

Run Away When Needed

One of the best CoD Warzone tips you’ll ever get is to not take every fight. The instinct to engage in fights is strong among true competitors. However, recognizing situations where a strategic retreat is the wisest choice can be a game-changer.

This is especially true when facing superior firepower or overwhelming numbers. There’s no shame in backing off. In some cases, it even provides an opportunity to regroup, reposition, and potentially turn the tide of the battle from a different perspective.

It’s easy to get caught up in the intensity of a gunfight, losing sight of the surroundings or failing to detect approaching squads. Knowing when a fight has reached its limit or is shifting against your favor is crucial for those looking to enhance their Warzone skills. Being able to read a situation and make the decision to disengage can make a significant difference in overall performance.

For instance, imagine being part of a trio, with teammates eliminated, and enemies closing in on your position. Armed with two smoke grenades, a quick and strategic deployment creates a diversion, allowing for a swift retreat in the opposite direction.

Using the new movement techniques we mentioned helps your escape. While behind hardcover, returning fire becomes an option. This effectively alters the playing field and potentially gets you the upper hand.

High Ground

One of the most important CoD Warzone tips and any game for that matter is securing the high ground. This is a fundamental strategy in Warzone, offering a significant advantage in various scenarios, particularly in the later circles.

Opting for the edge of the map rather than the center proves strategic, as it reduces the risk of being targeted by multiple opponents. At least you can’t get shot in the back. The simplicity of holding the high ground becomes a winning formula that can help your odds.

Map density is also a valuable resource to be exploited. Less congestion presents numerous opportunities for rotations and repositioning. As well as more efficient looting. In scenarios where a fight doesn’t seem favorable, moving to a higher ground is always better.

Leveraging the map to block the opponent’s line of sight is the best defense you can have. Late rotations, especially when holding the high ground, are a game changer. You can pick off rotating opponents while having a bigger field of view to keep yourself safe.

In the late circles, the conventional late rotation strategy is abandoned. You can swiftly burn the gas mask upon entering the circle. This allows players to make informed rotations and strategically position themselves in the new circle. 

Combining this proactive approach, coupled with exploiting map density for deep rotations, is always a good idea. And we’re not Coping on this one.

Al Mazrah, with its diverse terrain, emphasizes the importance of verticality. The abundance of buildings and mountaintops makes securing elevated positions crucial. Choosing vantage points at higher elevations secures you better visibility which then allows you to put pressure on enemies. 

Pick Up Contracts

Taking care of your economy is one of the best CoD Warzone tips you can receive when picking up this game. Strategic utilization of contracts emerges as a key factor for success, as it helps you buy everything you need. 

With various types of contracts offering unique rewards and challenges, players can significantly improve their in-game experience. Doing side missions is fun on its own, but it’s even better when the rewards help your main cause.

The contracts included in CoD Warzone are Bounty, Safecracker, Scavenger, Secure Intel, and Most Wanted. Each contract serves a distinct purpose, contributing to the player’s overall objectives and providing avenues for earning cash and loot. 

Understanding and capitalizing on these contracts is where skill expression comes into play. Transforming the game from mere chaos to a more purposeful experience, with a lot more planning involved.

Bounties, for instance, mark out a player on the map, challenging you to locate and eliminate them within a specified time frame. Even if another player eliminates the target, you still receive a smaller reward. 

Safecracker contracts present a high-risk, high-reward scenario. These direct players to find and open three safes for valuable loot and cash. While lucrative, this contract bait a lot of enemies so it could get messy.

Scavenger contracts task players with finding and opening three marked loot boxes, providing guaranteed rewards. These contracts are typically active on Ashika Island’s smaller playing field.

Secure Intel, on the other hand, directs players to gather and transmit intel. This reveals the next circle’s closing location. While requiring a brief period of vulnerability, the strategic information gained can be invaluable for experienced players.

Most Wanted Contract

Most Wanted is a double-edged sword. This contract marks the player as a target for everyone on the map for three minutes. Surviving this perilous time frame not only yields a cash reward but also resurrects any dead teammates, whether in the gulag or spectating. This contract is best reserved for desperate situations when lacking the funds to revive teammates.

To maximize financial gains and loot, a key tip involves playing with a full squad. The first player can land a Scavenger contract, and the rest of the team can swiftly land on the remaining Scavenger boxes as they unlock. This coordinated approach ensures your team’s economy, enabling the team to deploy UAVs and pursue enemy engagements.

But you need to understand the risks and benefits of each contract type is crucial. Bounties offer a straightforward target, while Safecracker presents a tempting loot haul but with heightened risk. Secure Intel provides tactical advantages, while Most Wanted serves as a last resort to revive teammates in critical situations.

The fun thing about contracts is that they not only serve as a means to accumulate cash and loot but also introduce short-term objectives. Instead of running around like headless chickens, enhancing the overall structure and enjoyment of a match is a good thing.

Play As A Team

If you are wondering how to get better at Warzone, the answer is simple. Get your friends online or team up with someone who has already played the game. There’s no better CoD Warzone tips than this. Your friends can teach you everything.

Effective communication and teamwork are paramount to success in Warzone. Players often make a big mistake by venturing off alone, only to be picked off by enemies. Coordination within the squad is essential, requiring clear communication about plans, movements, and potential obstacles. 

You should always inform your teammates if there are any changes in plans. Failure to do so can lead to bad calls regarding proximity, resulting in outnumbered confrontations against nearby teams. To avoid this, consistent communication and staying together as a squad when engaging other teams become crucial strategies.

Joining a squad is a common choice when playing with friends, but the emphasis should be on creating a team. Even if a player is more skilled than their teammates, venturing alone can doom the entire squad. Sticking with the squad, offering encouragement, and providing an example for less skilled teammates is the obvious choice. Even if you have to raise your voice.

Use CoD Warzone Ping System

Every new CoD Warzone player should know that utilizing the ping system is a fundamental aspect of communication in this game. Similar to other battle royale games, the ping system allows players to transfer information about what they see or where they are aiming.

Regularly using the ping system to share targets, indicate loot or plan movements enhances the squad’s overall effectiveness. Especially because there are not multiple people talking over each other at once. Tactical thinking within the squad is encouraged as sharing resources like armor plates and cash is the main priority.

Clear and concise callouts play a crucial role in a fast-paced game like Warzone. Quick, effective communication can save precious time, especially during intense battles where every second matters. 

Simplifying callouts, such as saying “on me” instead of screaming in panic, streamlines information sharing and decision making. This isn’t one of your regular CoD Zombie games, so there’s no space for yelling. This becomes particularly relevant in high-pressure situations where quick responses are vital for the squad’s success.

Cod Warzone Revival Risks

One of the most crucial CoD Warzone tips is to be careful how you act when a teammate is downed. Caution is advised before attempting a revival, as it could lead to your death. Ensuring the elimination of the enemy responsible for the downed teammate or confirming their distance is crucial before initiating a revival.

Reviving leaves the player vulnerable, and the distinct sound it produces can alert nearby enemies. Additionally, if the player is the most skilled on the team, everyone around him effectively gets worse.

Plate management is also another key tactical consideration. Equipping and replenishing plates during engagements, even amidst gunfights, is advised to maintain full armor. Sharing plates with squadmates, especially if one member has surplus armor, contributes to the squad’s overall resilience. 

The same collaborative approach applies to cash and ammo, as pooling resources often becomes essential for significant team benefits, such as purchasing loadout markers. Sharing is caring, regardless if it’s information, loot or weapons.

Practice Gulag

This is probably one of the better-known CoD Warzone tips. Practicing for the Gulag is essential to being a good player. This game-changing feature where death doesn’t necessarily mark the end of a player’s journey is your chance for redemption.

Upon the first death, players are sent to the Gulag, a unique battleground resembling a version of Nuketown. In this 1v1 arena, players fight for the chance to re-enter the battlefield and continue their quest for victory.

Effectively utilizing equipment becomes paramount in the Gulag. Flash grenades stuns, and all other AOE damage utilities can tilt the odds in your favor. Especially when equipped with challenging weapons like a crossbow. 

Playing to individual strengths, leveraging sound cues, and taking advantage of elevated positions on the map can help you come back. Additionally, if two squad members find themselves in the Gulag simultaneously, cooperative efforts and callouts from a teammate watching the gunfight can turn the tide in their favor.

Every advantage, including collecting cash from the arena floor, should be seized to maximize chances of redeployment. You also need to beware of the Jailer.

In the Gulag, a unique twist unfolds when the 2v2 match doesn’t end in a regular victory. An NPC known as the Jailer enters the fray, a heavily armored opponent armed with a powerful weapon.

Killing the Jailer results in the redeployment of all four players, introducing a tempting target for those seeking a swift return to the game. However, a ruthless approach prevails, as prioritizing the regular 2v2 victory over the Jailer is advised.

While it may seem savage, the harsh reality of Warzone dictates that relying on the goodwill of opponents is a risky proposition. Game Theory principles underlying the importance of being pragmatic and going for guaranteed redeployment rather than banking on the enemy team’s cooperation.





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