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Last Updated: May 29, 2024

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In the modern age of Tik Tok and social media, trends like Resident Sleeper come and go faster than ever. Every day there is a new slang or term that skyrockets in popularity that you have probably never heard of. And nobody can blame you for wanting to stay in the loop, so let’s talk about it.

If anyone has ever called you a Resident Sleeper, you have probably been confused. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? What is the ResidentSleeper meaning? How did the Resident Sleeper meme originate? Stick around to find out.

What Does ResidentSleeper Mean?

When someone uses the Resident Sleeper term, it’s often used as a reactionary expression. Put simply, the Resident Sleeper definition applies that someone or something is so boring it puts you to sleep. 

That is the modern version of saying “Damn, that’s crazy” multiple times over. But instead, you are doing it online and engaging with a younger audience. And like always, the term went viral after it got increased usage through the Resident Sleeper meme and Sleeper emote Twitch.

Resident Sleeper Origin

You’re probably wondering what is Resident Sleeper emote and how did this trend come about? Well, it all dates back to the online gaming community, with the Twitch streaming platform in particular.

In late 2012 on September 29th, Twitch streamer Oddler was doing his third attempt at completing a 72-hour marathon stream. The content creator had already informed his audience that this would be his final attempt to complete the challenge. 

66 hours into this broadcast of Resident Evil Biohazard, and Oddler found a sitting position that was way too comfortable. This moment would soon be immortalized in the online world as the Resident Sleeper gif.

You can’t fault Oddler considering the exhaustion he must have felt. But that’s how the ResidentSleeper emote was born. It shows a close-up shot of Oddler’s face after he began his 30-minute power nap.

Resident Sleeper Stream

In that interval, the news spread online and on the platform, with over 13 000 viewers tuning into his live broadcast to win the third, final, and ultimately failed attempt at this challenge. Mind you this is in late 2012, when the Twitch platform wasn’t nearly as popular as it is now.

The Amazon-owned enterprise burst onto the scene in the early 2010s, offering a new form of entertainment. Up to that point, live broadcasting was reserved for matters that required immediate attention. Or for a major event. But now, it was the new form of entertainment, where top Esports players could show their proficiency on a regular basis.

Back then, the most popular streams on the Twitch platforms were usually international Esports competitions. Something in the form of Counter-Strike, StarCraft 2, and Dota 2 tournaments. So the attention that this event drew to Oddler’s stream was a big deal.

After a 30-minute power nap, Oddler woke up but without regaining conscience. He sleepwalked to his bed and took a 6-hour snooze to close out the 72-hour marathon stream. When the alarm rang, Oddler woke up in a ball of confusion, visibly upset that he failed the challenge and trying to get context from his Twitch chat.

Resident Sleeper Emote

So how has the ResidentSleeper emote gained popularity and become widely recognized on Twitch? Well, this event was a big deal at the time and left a lasting impression. While Oddler was trying to grow his Twitch channel and brand, he consistently was adding new emotes to his Twitch chat. Emotes are used to describe an action using words or images, and that screenshot served its purpose. 

It was boredom exemplified, one expression to explain a feeling. The Resident Sleeper Emote took off and even made it to the official Twitch emote list. Alongside platform staples like Omegalul, PogChamp, and other custom emotes Twitch enables across the platform.

Funny enough Oddler’s emote was voted by the Twitch community. It wasn’t Oddler himself who submitted the ResidentSleeper emote nor Twitch staff picking it to be an official emote on the platform.

This led to ResidentSleeper becoming an outstanding way to express boredom in Twitch chat during streams. Its use became so prominent over the following decade, its impact spilled over into other layers of society. 

The emote was briefly removed from the Twitch platform in 2016, when they were implementing a new policy to disable emotes with low quality and pixel count, but was ultimately resubmitted. And while it’s all fun and games, not everyone takes this lightly.

Resident Sleeper Usage

So how do viewers utilize the ResidentSleeper emote to express boredom or disinterest during streams? Since becoming a part of the official Twitch emote list, the Resident Sleeper Twitch emote has been one of the most commonly used expressions on the platform. As we mentioned, it’s most commonly used to describe something that causes boredom.

Some of this can be attributed to the short attention span the younger generation has, but it’s their call. If a streamer is doing something that you don’t find entertaining, it’s time for ResidentSleeper emote spam.

Maybe he is speaking on a topic nobody wants to hear. This reactionary expression fits right in here. If a streamer falls asleep or leaves his broadcast, best believe Resident Sleeper will flood his Twitch chat.

Viewers of AdmiralBulldog’s Twitch stream took this to another level. The audience didn’t find his PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) streams interesting. His playstyle of hiding around corners and bushes, playing passively, and capitalizing on the mistakes of the enemies was a solid strategy to win.

But not to entertain your audience, which led his viewers to spam the ResidentSleeper emote and ask him to play DOTA 2 instead. After months of having his content called boring, he blacklisted the emote in 2017. 

He would often bait his viewers to use it by saying it its name. Those that would fall for it, would be hit with a timed or permanent chat restriction. Viewers used the MonkaS emote to signal the danger, while those that fell victim would get laughed at with the KEKW emote. If you were on the receiving end, you would probably want to use the Sadge emote, but by then you were already restricted.

Resident Sleeper Definition

Now that we know what is the meaning behind the ResidentSleeper emote, let’s take a look at other platforms. It doesn’t just have to be a Resident Sleeper stream or Resident Sleeper game. The expression can be used to describe anything you don’t find amusing.

The ResidentSleeper meme has shown up on multiple fronts online. There’s even a ResidentSleeper emote Discord servers can use. Maybe you are chatting with your friends and someone makes a boring proposition. Hit them with the Resident Sleeper Gif.


We hope this article answered your question, what does ResidentSleeper mean? It’s not like no one knows what it means, but it’s provocative. It gets the people going. It’s not a term that signals malicious intent, instead, it’s often used jokingly.

It’s how it originated in the internet culture and how it blew up, gaining widespread usage. Just wait for the political campaign preceding the upcoming elections. Now that will be a Resident Sleeper. Maybe it will make the emote as popular as the Copium one with the 2016 Donald Trump election.





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