Is Dead by Daylight Crossplay and Offers Cross Platform?


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Last Updated: September 25, 2023

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The Day by Daylight crossplay feature is a must for many fans who indulge in horror games multiplayer. Other survival tiles like Warframe and The Forest also implement this feature to a certain extent, with great success.

So you’re probably wondering how this feature makes a big impact. Most of the best paid crossplay games became successful precisely because of this flexibility. Day by Daylight is also not a free game but it might be worth the money if there’s cross platform integration. So is the Day by Daylight crossplay feature enabled? Let’s find out!

Is Dead by Daylight Crossplay?

Since August 2020, Dead by Daylight is crossplay capable, resulting in a much wider multiplayer audience. This DBD crossplay update finally enabled all users, regardless of gaming hardware platform, to be able to team up and queue against each other.

With a much larger audience that isn’t confined to a platform-specific server, competition has gone up significantly. As more and more people get a whiff of the news and participate in the online multiplayer, queue times will be further reduced.

This is great news for everyone included, and clear proof of why video game communities have been begging for universal crossplay coverage. The developers get a lot more recognition and interest in their titles, players are able to team up with their friends, and gaming hardware manufacturers have less trouble selling consoles.


How to Play Dead by Daylight Crossplay

In order to properly use the amazing Dead by Daylight crossplay feature, you will need to first enable it. This is rather easy and simple to do.

Make sure you launch Dead by Daylight and find the Options wheel located at the bottom of the screen. Doing this will activate a pop-up window with all of the game Options. At the very bottom of the list, there should be an ‘Online‘ option.

Hovering over it or clicking it will open another menu where you’ll find the Crossplay button. This setting should be turned on by default. But if it isn’t, make sure you enable it. With this, you’ll be connected to the Dead by Daylight crossplay servers, resulting in faster multiplayer matchmaking regardless of the platform choice.

Dead by Daylight Add Crossplay Friends

If you want to know how to add friends on Dead by Daylight Cross Platform feature, we have you covered. First, you’re going to enable DBD crossplay like we already mentioned. Then you will click on any of the + icons beside your character or click on the Friends icon at the bottom left of the screen.

This action will commence the creation of the multiplayer lobby, and pop up a Menu that shows your Friends and Requests. On the top right of this menu, there’s the search option which you can use to invite a friend.

To do this, you will need to enter their ID, which is their in-game name. This will be followed up by a hashtag (#), and a string of numbers and letters. This combination is located under their name, at the top left corner of the screen. Once you find them through the Search option, click on the Invite a Friend button.

Dead by Daylight Mobile Crossplay

The Dead by Daylight mobile version came out in April 2020, just a few months prior to the DBD crossplay update. Unfortunately, the developers didn’t make the mobile version compatible with the rest of the game.

Just like Apex Legends and all CoD games, users of the mobile versions of the game cannot access crossplay servers. Considering that DBD crossplay was an ongoing project when the DBD mobile release happened, not having cross platform integration implemented means it will probably never happen.

On the other hand, it’s understandable why the developers would like to keep the versions separate. All Android and iOS users can already team up on the DBD mobile version, creating another community. This helped Genshin Impact become one of the best free crossplay games with an enormous community.

Cross Progression Dead by Daylight

At the moment, Dead by Daylight supports only partial cross progression. This is the reason why Dead by Daylight mobile crossplay is still not a thing. At the moment, you can carry over your progress only on PC, between accounts on Steam and the Epic Games Store. 

The cross progression feature is really valuable. It gives you access to all of the game content you have unlocked or paid for, regardless of which platform you are using. This would mean that every time you would boot up Dead by Daylight, you would be using the same account on all platforms.

And while it would be great to use the same skins and play on the same maps through your phone during your commute as you would at home, currently that’s just not possible. 

Dead by Daylight Crossplay Steam and Epic

At the moment, partial cross progression for Day by Daylight is only available on PCs. To enable this, you need to create a Behaviour Account on the Behaviour Interactive website. Using this account, you can link your accounts from the supported Steam and Epic Games platforms.

Doing this will enable you to access the same version of the game with the same account, giving you access to all of your unlocked content like DLCs and skins. But your progress will not be carried over. The feature is also not available for consoles

There is a notable exception with Auric Cells, which are platform-specific. These cannot be shared between the two platforms unless they were earned from Rift progression. On top of this, purchasing the same DLC on two different platforms will count as separate purchases, and you will not receive a refund when completing the account merger.

Dead by Daylight Switch Crossplay

This feature is the reason you can enable Dead by Daylight Switch Crossplay even if you have purchased the game on the Epic Games Store. Wherever you are using the Behaviour Account on the Behaviour Interactive website or the Steam platform, you will be able to team up with PC players using your Nintendo Switch.

Dead by Daylight Crossplay PS4 PC

Luckily for you, Dead by Daylight crossplay is enabled between PCs and older PlayStation consoles like the PS4. The same goes for the PS5 as well. The 2020 August DBD crossplay update included both generations of PlayStation consoles in their coverage.

This is great news for everyone, considering that Sony hardware devices are one of the most popular in the gaming market. By tapping into this community of customers, the developers have ensured their title will always generate revenue.

Dead by Daylight Crossplay PS4 Xbox

Likewise, Dead by Daylight crossplay is enabled between Xbox consoles and the PS4. The DBD crossplay update made the title compatible with all Xbox consoles. These include the Xbox One, the Xbox Series X, and the Xbox Series S.

Having full Dead by Daylight crossplay means that all of these consoles can support the same game version as Sony hardware consoles. Both PS4 and PS5 users can team up and play against all Xbox users on the DBD crossplay servers. Unless you’re still rocking the dusty Xbox Live or Xbox 360.

Dead by Daylight Crossplay PS4 PS5

Knowing all of this, it’s only natural for DBD crossplay integration to be supported on all PS4 and PS5 consoles. The latest generations of Sony’s gaming hardware are some of the most popular consoles on the market and a go-to choice for many gamers across generations.

Features like this are what have made the best CoD Zombie games such sensations, and why the lack thereof has cast 7 Days to Die by the waste side. 

Dead by Daylight Cross Platform Xbox and PC

Naturally, having DBD crossplay enabled on PCs and Xbox is nearly guaranteed since both platforms are run by the same entity. Microsoft owns both Xbox and the Windows operating system found on most PCs. So naturally this crossplay integration becomes a major focus for most developers.

Currently, any Windows-powered PC that has the specs necessary to run Dead by Daylight can use the same online multiplayer servers as all Xbox console users. Another platform that also supports the DBD crossplay feature is Stadia.

What is Dead By Deadlight

Dead by Daylight is unlike most horror and survival games due to its format. This is also the main reason this asymmetrical multiplayer horror game developed by Behavior Interactive has become so popular.

The title was published in 2016 and has garnered a dedicated following since. This is mostly because of its unique gameplay, intense atmosphere, and relentless pursuit of terror. With 4 survivors trying to complete tasks as they run away from a killer in a cat-and-mouse experience. There’s no shortage of fun and thrill to be had. 

Each match is referred to as a trial. During trials, the survivors’ objective is to escape by repairing five of seven generators scattered around the map. These power the two exit gates and are crucial to their success. 

The Killer, on the other hand, has a goal to impale all Survivors on hooks before they can accomplish their tasks. His goal is to make them a sacrifice to a malevolent force known as the Entity. 

During single-player action, players can take on the role of the killer. However, during online play, players can choose to play as one of the survivors. Each survivor has their unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, making for a more immersive experience. 

There’s also an element of skill and teamwork required, as players must cooperate to gather resources and repair the generators. Pressing the wrong button at any moment can alert the killer to your location, and enable him to creep up on you without notice.

Not only can this cost you a member of the crew, but it can also be a major setback. Survivors can throw objects or set up obstacles for the killer to lower his pace, heal each other, hide in structures, and much more.


Dead by Deadlight Killers

Playing as the killer offers a completely different experience. Inspired by iconic horror figures like Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Pinhead, and many more, the objectives of killers are clear.

They must hunt down and sacrifice survivors, using their unique abilities and tactics to make the survivors split up. 

There’s a skill element as well when hunting survivors. The killer must impale them by performing one move after sneaking up to them or down them with several hits. An initial first strike at a suspecting target injures them, while the second strike puts them in a dying state.

The rest of the survivors can take action to free the downed survivor and help him break loose. There’s a level of skill required by the strangled survivor himself, as he attempts to break loose from the shackles of the Entity. An eventual third hit would mean the end. 

The ever-expanding community is loving this format and the developers are working hard on providing more content. With a DLC releasing on average every 3 months, as of October 2023, the game has an additional 34 DLC packs of downloadable content available.

Most releases feature a new Survivor and Killer, while 23 of the DLCs have introduced new maps as well.

Upon release, Day by Deadlight received high praise from multiple credible gaming publications. But the console community considered it above average at best. In the 5 years since then, the development team over at Behaviour Interactive has made the game a lot more polished.

Apart from the Dead by Daylight crossplay integration, the devs have also meddled with a skill-based matchmaking system. But it’s their work on polishing and deepening existing game mechanics like movement, builds, strategies, and characters that have made DBD a much better product.





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