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If you want to know what does Monkas mean and learn more about Twitch in general, you are definitely in the right place.

Besides exploring the monkas meaning on Twitch, we also delve deeper into the monka meaning and much more that all Twitch streamers should be aware of.

In short, Monkas is a Twitch emote that stands for “sweating and scared.”

Before we get deeper into what is Monkas and other popular Twitch emotes, let’s see how Twitch became the most popular streaming platform of this kind.

So, Twitch was founded on the 6th of June 2011 by Michael Seibel, Justin Kan, Kyle Vogt, and Emmett Shear. Today, Emmet Shear is the company’s CEO while Sara Clemens is the company’s COO.

Twitch focuses on video game streaming. Before there was Twitch, there was Justin.tv. Justin.tv was launched on the 19th of March 2007, so fourteen years ago.

The Justin.tv site was created by Twitch founders. The site allowed gamers across the globe to broadcast online videos.

Essentially, Justin.tv operated very similarly to YouTube. User accounts on Justin.tv were called channels and the content published by the users was called broadcasts.

Before Justin.tv included hundreds of different channels, it featured only one channel run by Justin Kan, the site’s founder. Justin Kan published content about his life.

Several months after Justin.tv was founded, the site was redesigned to include a major network of many different channels or accounts. It was Justin.tv that popularized lifecasting and video game streaming.

When Was Twitch Launched?

To understand what is Montas Twitch means, we should go back in time to explore the history of Twitch. As mentioned in the previous section, Justin.tv led to the formation of Twitch.

Justin.tv users were allowed to publish or broadcast their content to an unlimited number of Justin.tv content creators for free. To watch Justin.tv content, registration was not required.

Then, in June of 2011, the entire gaming section of Justin.tv was moved to a completely new site we know as Twitch. In August of 2014, Justin.tv officially became Twitch.

twitch emote monkas

The company responsible for Twitch is Twitch Interactive which operates as an Amazon subsidiary. All Twitch content can be enjoyed either via video on demand or live.

Today, Twitch is one of the major platforms for broadcasting Dota2 and other big eSports tournaments and competitions.

Besides numerous video game streamers, Twitch also features quite a few other accounts that publish music broadcasts and other creative content.

As estimated in October of 2013, Twitch had over forty-five million viewers. Speaking of the popularity of Twitch, it definitely skyrocketed in 2014.

According to most official reports, in 2014 Twitch was among the top-four most popular sites in the United States. In August of 2014, the Twitch platform was purchased by Amazon for over $970 million.

In 2016, Twitch purchased Curse. As estimated in 2015, the service had over one hundred million active viewers.

As estimated in February of 2020, Twitch had over three million broadcasters and fifteen million active daily users. With this being said, Twitch remains the leader when it comes to live streaming.

What Does Monkas Mean?

This leads us to the main topic and that is the Monka meaning. To understand what is Monkas Twitch, we need to briefly mention Twitch chats which are definitely one of the most essential parts of the whole Twitch experience.

As expected, thanks to Twitch chats, you get to interact with other members of the Twitch community. In addition, Twitch chats also allow you to communicate with your favorite Twitch streamers.

monkas definition

To be able to chat with others via this Twitch feature, you need to log into your account to sign up for an account. Otherwise, you cannot communicate with other members of the community this way.

The Twitch chat option also features Chat Replies. To use this option, you open Twitch Chat, type the username of the account holder you want to respond to.

The main question is, what is Monkas. The major Monkas meaning is sweating and scared. This is essentially a BetterTwitchTV emote, so to use Monkas in a Twitch chat, you need to get a browser extension.

The browser extension you need is called FrankerFaceZ or BetterTwitchTV. This feature has been around since recently.

So, when someone types Monkas in Twitch chat, they are probably using the BetterTwicthTV extension.

The Monkas meaning is scared and sweating, so when you use this emote, Pepe the Frog appears looking all sweaty and nervous.

Users mostly send this Pepe the Frog emote to convey their nervousness during Twitch streams.

Twitch users also post this popular emote if streamers are playing a scary game. Now that you know what is monkas and when it is appropriate to use it, let’s see when the emote was published.

The Origin of the Monkas Emote

The very first Monkas emote emerged in 2011. Back in the day, it appeared on a Twitch 4chan thread. Naturally, Twitch users back then were not completely sure what does Monkas mean.

In addition, Monkas was not a Twitch emote before 2016. Back in 2016, Monkas was uploaded as an emote through the FrankerFaceZ Twitch extension.

So, the Monkas emote was included in the platform for the first time in 2016.

Fast forward to 2022, most Twitch users are familiar with the Monka meaning. In fact, the Monkas emote is one of the most used Twitch emotes. When you log into your Twitch account, you will find sweating and nervous Pepe the Frog all over the place.

The Monkas emote appears on most Twitch gaming streams even though it is not unique to Twitch. Now, you may wonder who is Pepe the Frog.

This popular frog character first appeared in 2005 in the Boy’s Club comic. Pepe the Frog was featured in numerous memes over the years.

Essentially, you can find hundreds of different Pepe the Frog memes all over the Internet. At the same time, the meaning of these memes is not related to the Monkas meaning on Twitch even though they feature the same Pepe the Frog character.





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