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Pepe the Frog went from a comic character to an Internet sensation back in 2009, enjoying over a decade of popularity among some of the most used memes.

The Sadge emote is Twitch building on what we can already call a legacy, but new users are often confused by its variations and meanings.

What is Sadge?

Origins go back as far as 2005 with Matt Furie’s “Boys Club” comic first published on MySpace. Pepe the Frog was obviously one of the main characters, but Furie surely couldn’t dream of what Pepe would mean to the Internet years later.

Pepe the Frog was adopted by many different groups, and these sometimes turned him from a harmless character into a darker and bigoted theme.

Regardless, Matt Furie’s Pepe has seen alterations over the years, and Sadge is one of the prominent ones.

In early 2020, Sadge was first uploaded to BetterTTV by Redshell and was quickly turned into a sensation by Forsen and his community. It obviously took from great groundwork Pepe the Frog already put in place.

Sadge Meaning

It is said Sadge as a word came into being as a combination of ‘sad’ and ‘cringe.’ It often depicts just that – users reacting to sad and cringey events on a stream.

Sad and cringey happens all the time on Twitch, so it was quickly turning into one of the favorites among viewers, just like Pepe the Frog was on 4chan back in the day.

The sad frog in itself will not grant enthusiasm in the chat, that’s for sure, yet Twitch Sadge is not just that!

Through FrankerFaceZ, Sadge is enabled on 60,000 channels, and the meme became bigger than Twitch. It’s become part of the Internet slang along the way, and the word Sadge will mean just as much as the meme at this point.

The Sadge emote is used in different circumstances and sometimes ironically, too, setting one user outside the joke everyone’s in on.

When to Use Sadge Twitch Emote

Being versatile as it is, Sadge emote can have Twitch users weighing whether to use it or not in certain circumstances. On the face of it, every sad event calls upon Sadge, and you could ultimately stick with it.

However, it is more suitable in sad events bound to make you uncomfortable as well.

For example, Sadge is the perfect solution for a remark when a pro streamer who plays the game competitively gets grounded by an obvious noob, often in the most unexceptional of ways.

As said, Sadge will often mean more, though. We have seen it take over entire chats when a user tries getting forcibly involved without knowing all the facts.

Borderline bullying, Sadge will quickly become the ultimate response if users will it and can also have one as a chat outsider in such circumstances.

How to Enable Twitch Sadge

To use Sadge on any Twitch channel that supports it, you will need to download a browser extension. You can choose one of the following:

  • FrankerFaceZ – where you will automatically see the Sadge emote on those Twitch channels after downloading your extension from
  • BetterTTV – where you need to enable FrankerFaceZ emotes in chat settings of Twitch channels where you want to use Sadge

On the other hand, follow these steps if you are streaming and want to add Sadge to your own Twitch channel:

  • Sign in to FrankerFaceZ website with your Twitch details (this will authorize your account)
  • Enable Sadge, and any other emotes you wish in the emote list of your Twitch channel
  • Voila! Users can now use Sadge in your chat as long as they have the extension enabled

Other Variants You Might Come Across

We have already covered the Sadge meaning and origins, and with that in mind, it’s only natural you will see similar emotes on Twitch and elsewhere.

These are all variations of the original Pepe the Frog meme, but they will usually convey different meanings entirely. So let’s cover some of the most prominent Monka emotes out there.

  • Pepega has something more of a history on Twitch, first added back in 2018. It’s not as nice as Sadge, either, usually used to depict wonder at streamer’s (or someone else’s) stupidity. When you see someone act stupid and you don’t want to insult them directly, you hit them with a Pepega.
  • MonkaHmm can be used to describe a moment to think, but it is usually used to describe suspicious behavior and is loved by Among Us fans in that. Among Us streams tend to get walls of MonkaHmm emotes when everyone agrees who should be yeeted into space.
  • MonkaS, on the other hand, could be called a generation older as it first dropped in 2011. It’s used to describe moments of high tension, and streams often get flooded with MonkaS when viewers get scared.
  • MonkaW is a matter of evolution, and it came into being with the need to depict extended periods of thrill or high tension. It’s simply a zoomed-in variant of MonkaW, but you get the gist.
  • MonkaGIGA and MonkaOMEGA are further down the line, gradually expanding the eyes first with GIGA then with OMEGA. It’s meant to further emphasize the stress or scare you want to convey, as part of a huge tension the series is meant to convey in contrast to the Sadge’s calmer and gloomier presence.

Sadge is still one of the newest additions to the popular memes and emotes that originated from Pepe the Frog.

However, it has already gained quite the fame and seems to have a legacy of its own.

With a coined word, an emotion of its own to convey, and even The Sadge Ballad with almost 100 thousand views on YouTube, many claim Sadge will only keep and extend its online presence. Twitch certainly contributed a great deal to it all, mainly through Forsen’s community.

If you want to learn more about another popular emote, make sure to read about KEKW meaning.





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