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Last Updated: May 28, 2024

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It’s tough ranking the best MMOs 2024 will bring us. But after long and careful observations, we’ve decided to create this list. And we’re not just Coping with this, some of these titles can actually reshape the gaming scene.

Some of these projects are free to play, much like Call of Duty: Warzone. While most of the MMORPGs are PC bound, some of them have crossplay capabilities similar to Elden Ring. either way, 2024 looks promising, so let’s dive in!

Best MMORPG 2024 Release

Atop the list of best MMOs 2024 has to offer, must be Star Citizen. Now I know what you’re thinking. We just went through this. Starfield was another highly-touted AAA sci-fi MMORPG that we waited for a very long time. And 2 months after its release, many players are losing interest in it.

Star Citizen is a highly anticipated sci-fi MMO developed by Cloud Imperium Games Corporation and Chris Roberts. This title has garnered attention not only for its substantial budget but also for its current playable state. Priced between $45 and $65, Star Citizen enters the gaming scene with a known financial model, but there’s a twist.

Since it was first announced a decade ago, this title has gone through multiple cycles of crowdfunding. This has also meant that the community has had an input on development. Which is why we’ve waited so long to get it. And now, it seems we’re close to it.

So what makes Star Citizen different and one of the best MMORPG games that are set to release in the upcoming year? Well, let’s find out.

Star Citizen

Platforms: PC

One of Star Citizen’s significant positives lies in its promise to be a AAA sci-fi MMO, a rarity in the gaming market. With titles like Eve Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Star Trek Online offering diverse experiences, the uncertain future of Star Wars: The Old Republic underscores the need for fresh contenders. If Star Citizen delivers on its promises, it could reshape the landscape of sci-fi MMOs.

Star Citizen has already showcased stunning space flight mechanics, capturing attention through streams and videos. Observing space combat, especially on planets, reveals an engaging experience, distinguishing itself from slower-paced alternatives. The game supports flight sticks, adding an extra layer of immersion for players.

The prospect of Star Citizen as a socially motivated MMO, featuring ship crews and interdependence, sets it apart from space games like Starfield or No Man’s Sky. Cooperative ship piloting with friends introduces a unique dynamic, offering a different multiplayer experience.

While Star Citizen is not explicitly pay-to-win, the monetization strategy raises significant concerns. Players can earn various in-game items through grinding, but the option to purchase these items with real money raises questions about the game’s integrity. With ships reaching as high as $750, concerns about the impact on gameplay and potential inequalities arise.

Concerns about the game’s playability and adherence to the original vision loom large. The extensive development time and constant updates contribute to an air of uncertainty surrounding when players can experience the full and final version.

Star Citizen stands as a double-edged sword, offering a glimpse into the potential of a groundbreaking sci-fi MMO while raising valid concerns about monetization and development uncertainties. Its unique features and ambitious goals make it a fascinating project to watch, with the community eagerly awaiting its evolution.

Best MMOS coming in 2024

02. Fractured

Platforms: PC

Another highly touted piece of intellectual property you’d want to keep your eyes on is Fractured. Not only does it have the chance to be one of the best MMOs 2024, but it can also grow beyond that. 

Fractured Online emerges as an upcoming open-world sandbox MMORPG, challenging traditional RPG cliches by placing players at the forefront of crafting and collaboration. Developed by Dynamight Studios, this game introduces several innovative features. 

A standout feature is the complete reliance on player crafting for every item in the game. Unlike traditional MMORPGs, Fractured Online removes NPC merchants and embraces a dynamic, player-centric economy. Crafting becomes a pivotal aspect of the game, encouraging collaboration and resource management.

The multiplayer experience is redefined by allowing players to adventure with friends from day one, disregarding traditional concerns about stats or levels. Instead, players focus on expanding knowledge and reputation. The emphasis on cooperative play sets it apart from conventional MMORPGs, fostering a more social and collaborative gaming environment.

The title also offers flexibility in character development with a unique skill system. Players can switch abilities and reassign talents by resting in front of a fire, providing a refreshing approach to character customization. Dynamight Studios describes Fractured Online as a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) within the persistent world of an MMO, combining the best of both genres. Which is a smart approach considering the success that the best free crossplay games have had over the past decade.

Fractured Online also boasts a diverse array of gameplay options with over 400 abilities and 40 unique status effects. This abundance offers players a vast range of strategies to explore, encouraging mastery and experimentation.

03. Palia

Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch

One title many Nintendo Switch users will want to look out for is Palia. Not just because it has coverage for their platform, but also because it’s one of the best MMOs 2024 has to offer.

Developed by Singularity 6, a game developer composed of industry veterans from renowned companies like Riot Games, Zynga, and Blizzard Entertainment, Palia has generated significant anticipation among gamers.

Palia unfolds in a picturesque land where players, in human form, can indulge in farming, relationship building, and perfecting their living spaces. Embracing a free-to-play model, this cozy multiplayer game invites players to immerse themselves in a life simulator reminiscent of popular titles like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing.

Similar to its genre counterparts, Palia places a strong emphasis on lifestyle, allowing players to craft their own story arcs, develop friendships, and even engage in romantic relationships. The game fosters a sense of community by enabling players to make friends with both other players and charming critters inhabiting the world.

Palia also encourages players to venture into the woods for more adventurous pursuits. From battling wolves to hunting creatures, the game introduces an element of exploration and excitement beyond the peaceful town life.

Despite the positive reception, reviewers acknowledge that Palia is a work in progress. Described as beautiful and heartfelt, the game is also considered “bare-boned,” indicating that there is room for further development. 

Notably, Palia deliberately omits combat from its core focus, aiming to create a low-pressure world without player versus player conflict. While the game promises combat-like adventures, the absence of a combat-centric approach raises questions about the ability to sustain player engagement without a traditional combat loop. That’s not an issue the best CoD Zombie titles have ever faced over the years.

04. Eternal Tombs

Platforms: PC

Formerly known as War of Dragnorok, Eternal Tombs takes a unique approach to the MMORPG genre. This recent rebranding emphasized changes in combat mechanics, shifting from tab-targeting to a more engaging and distinctive combat style.

Eternal Tombs distinguishes itself with a live Dungeon Master system, offering a dynamic experience where the game world is shaped in real-time. These Dungeon Masters play alongside the community, creating events, quests, and shaping the narrative, aiming to deliver an ultimate Dungeons N Dragons-like experience for MMORPG players.

The recent combat to Eternal Tombs’s combat style aims to enhance engagement, moving away from arduous and monotonous combat experiences. The rebranding reflects a commitment to creating a more immersive and enjoyable gameplay experience.

 For fans of EverQuest, the creators of Eternal Tombs have hinted at Easter eggs and references within the game. These nods to classic MMOs add an extra layer of excitement for players familiar with the genre’s roots, promising a blend of nostalgia and innovation.

Like many upcoming MMOs, Eternal Tombs is currently in Early Access, allowing players to explore persistent servers and experience the game in its developmental stages. This provides an opportunity for players to engage with the game, provide feedback, and witness its evolution before the full launch.

The title is currently scheduled to release with a PC version only. So unlike the best paid crossplay games, you’ll be stuck with it on just one platform. But I guess that’s worth it when talking about one of the best MMOs 2024 has to offer.

05. Pantheon

Platforms: PC

Rounding out the top 5 of best MMORPG games set to release in 2024, we have Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. This title is an MMORPG in pre-alpha development that seeks to rekindle the classic MMO experience with a focus on high fantasy and group-oriented content. 

Set in the vast open world of Terminus, which is populated by deities and heroes, players assume the role of legendary heroes on a quest to reclaim long-lost relics.Pantheon strives to recapture the essence of classic MMOs by prioritizing group-oriented content and social interaction. 

The game’s design encourages players to tackle challenges together, emphasizing the importance of a player’s reputation in the virtual world. Pantheon distinguishes itself by focusing on PvE gameplay, aiming to reintroduce class interdependence, difficulty, and social aspects reminiscent of classic MMOs like EverQuest and World of Warcraft. 

This title promotes cooperation among classes and seeks to revive the quaternity of DPS, tank, healer, and support roles.The combat system emphasizes preparation and awareness, challenging players through scenarios that require skill to overcome.

Unlike some modern MMOs, Pantheon discourages spamming skills and encourages thoughtful decision-making, so no AOE damage wombo-combos here. It also employs a unique lore delivery system called Perception, encouraging players to discover more about the world organically. This immersive approach unfolds the game’s secrets in a way that engages players actively, making lore exploration a captivating experience.

The game’s commitment to challenging gameplay and class interdependence, while praised by some, may pose a challenge down the line. 

A significant concern for Pantheon revolves around the game’s scope and the ability of a small development team to create and maintain immersive content. Despite being in a pre-alpha state since December 2017, Visionary Realms, the development team, has maintained transparency through detailed monthly newsletter updates. 

06. Ashes of Creation

Platforms: PC

Ashes of Creation has to be one of the best MMOs 2024 can bring us. This upcoming release emerges as a promising addition to the MMO genre, driven by the ambition to introduce comprehensive sandbox mechanics. 

The introduction of real-time creation of city populations and passersby adds a dynamic element, ensuring that the game world reflects ongoing political disputes and intrigues, contributing to the overall realism of the in-game society.

Players are granted unprecedented freedom to build homes anywhere in the game world, manage diverse land properties, and engage in extensive trade and transportation activities, creating a sandbox environment where player choices shape the world.

The game adopts a hybrid combat system, offering players the flexibility to toggle between action and tab-targeting combat styles. This approach aims to cater to a diverse player base with varying preferences for combat mechanics.

Ashes of Creation introduces a unique node system, where player contributions shape the growth of villages or potentially massive cities. This deliberate growth, based on various factors, including player race and preferences, adds an unparalleled dimension to the game.

Always-on PvP Controversy: One of the most contentious aspects of Ashes of Creation is its commitment to always-on PvP, where players cannot opt-out. While appealing to some hardcore PvP enthusiasts, it raises concerns for players who prefer flexibility. The game’s aspiration to redefine the MMO genre could face resistance due to this divisive feature.

If you’re into something that gets the blood going, Dead by Daylight Crossplay is now a thing! But if survival titles are not your thing, some of the best MMORPG games we’ve ever seen are due to be published in 2024 so hold on just a little bit longer.

07. Corepunk

Platforms: PC

CorePunk has to be one of the best MMOs 2024 has to offer us. It emerged from Ukrainian developers as an isometric MMORPG featuring a seamlessly open world. Notably, the game introduces the intriguing concept of “fog of war,” adding an element of suspense to the player experience. 

If you’re familiar with League of Legends or real-time strategy games, you’ll know what we’re talking about. This feature adds an element of surprise and tension, especially in a top-down MMO setting.

The isometric view, often underrepresented in MMOs, sets CorePunk apart. While reminiscent of games like Lost Ark, the stylized look and promise of fewer microtransactions add a refreshing touch to the top-down perspective.

Set in a well-detailed world that seamlessly blends fantasy with futuristic sci-fi elements, players can traverse the Corepunk terrain on mounts and choose from a variety of heroes, each with three specializations and nine talent branches.

The title offers a solo-friendly experience, virtually allowing every activity to be pursued independently, except for raids and world bosses. The game aims to strike a balance between solo and group play, with intriguing implications for player incentives.

CorePunk’s fusion of fantasy, cyberpunk, and sci-fi elements adds a fresh layer to the MMO genre. Breaking away from the dominance of dark fantasy settings, CorePunk’s unique setting promises a new and captivating gaming experience.

While the fantasy cyberpunk setting is commendable, concerns arise regarding character limitations. Restricting the ability to create diverse characters within certain archetypes may impact player immersion. And we don’t want that to be taking away from the experience when talking about one of the best MMORPG games to be released in the upcoming year.

08. Chrono Odyssey

Platforms: PC, Xbox, PS5

Chrono Odyssey is a highly anticipated fantasy MMORPG from the Korean developer studio  NPIXEL. With the power of Unreal Engine 5, it promises an enchanting journey through space and time. Players are thrust into a gripping narrative as members of a special organization, locked in an epic war against 12 powerful gods.

Beyond the conventional MMORPG experience, Chrono Odyssey introduces dungeons, various battlefields, and large-scale player vs. player clashes. The combat system, showcased in trailers, is lauded for its demand for unpredictability and control. It requires players to master attack, defense, and evasion skills.

The game’s combat complexity, a departure from combo-centric systems, adds a refreshing layer for players seeking a more engaging and strategic experience. With the flexibility to switch between multiple weapon types in real-time, the battlefield becomes a dynamic arena where adaptability is key.

Setting itself apart, Chrono Odyssey introduces the dynamic element of time manipulation. Players can freeze, slow down, and even reverse time. While concerns arise about its practicality in an MMO setting, the potential for visual spectacle and added depth to in-game actions raises anticipation.

The game boasts six announced classes. Swordsman, ranger, wizard, paladin, berserker, and assassin are already announced, with promises of future additions. An advanced character editor provides a canvas for players to express individuality, allowing customization of appearance and personal style.

From what we’ve seen so far, Chrono Odyssey stands out for its visually stunning graphics. Surpassing expectations set by other upcoming titles, and building upon action-based games like Elden Ring. 

However, the game’s monetization strategy casts a shadow over the excitement. NPIXEL’s previous release, Grand Saga, revealed a gacha-style system. Players might not like it, but the controversial loot box model with randomized rewards has earned Grand Saga a reported billion dollars in revenue.

09. Blue Protocol

Platforms: PC, Xbox, PS5

Blue Protocol, the long-awaited Japanese fantasy MMORPG, delivers a dream come true for anime enthusiasts. Having launched in Japan in early summer, Blue Protocol has set the stage for a global release in 2024. 

Developed by Bandai Namco and published in the West by Amazon Games, it brings forth a unique blend of innovative features, extensive customization, and a vibrant anime-style design powered by Unreal Engine 4.

At the core of Blue Protocol’s allure lies its distinctive elements. Those are equipment and monster souls. These components intricately influence the main character’s parameters and can be acquired through vanquished foes or completed quests. The game stands out for its emphasis on narrative-driven gameplay, multiplayer battles, and dynamic action.

Distinguished by cel-shading, Blue Protocol adopts a colorful and cartoonish appearance. This  perfectly complements its anime aesthetic. The game’s graphics are designed with meticulous detail. This visually stunning and cohesive world,  captures the essence of anime, bringing it to life with breathtaking visuals.

Blue Protocol introduces combat mechanics inspired by the hack-and-slash genre. The game doesn’t shy away from epic battles against colossal monsters, providing a diverse range of PvE content. The well-developed character creation system further enhances the player’s ability to shape their in-game persona.

However, amid the excitement, concerns arise regarding the game’s monetization strategy. The shift to free-to-play with microtransactions raises questions about the balance between convenience and potential pay-to-win elements. The developers assure a focus on cosmetic items, but the community remains cautious, especially considering the differences between the Japanese version’s monetization and the upcoming Western release under Amazon Game Studios.

Despite this, this title is guaranteed to get a lot of PogChamps going once it’s released. It’s one of the best MMORPG 2024 has to offer and it feeds into a massive anime market.

10. Pax Dei

Platform: PC

To round out our list of the best MMOs 2024 will bring us, we have Pax Dei. Pax Dei emerges as a groundbreaking social sandbox MMO, immersing players in a medieval fantasy realm where social interaction takes center stage.

Noteworthy is the player-driven economy, reminiscent of older sandbox MMOs but on a grander scale. The title’s distinctive feature is its absence of NPCs. Instead, it’s the players driving the economy, creating resources, and forging items. This opens the opportunity for crafting, trading, village construction, and clan formation.

Pax Dei unfolds in a world of temporary serenity, allowing players to construct homes in the Heartland before venturing into the dark Wilderness. While designated territories foster peaceful activities, the Desert beckons for battles. Exploration, encounters with monsters and enemy clans, puzzles with lucrative rewards and much more awaits those who dare.

With a planned Alpha test before the end of 2023, it promises a visually stunning experience using Unreal Engine 5. 

Developed by former Evon devs, the game’s foremost strength lies in its visual splendor. The open-world building system, with few constraints, sparks curiosity about the creative possibilities players will explore. 

However, Pax Dei’s reliance on player-generated content and the absence of normal cities raise questions about sustainability. While the player-driven world offers unique experiences, concerns linger about the game’s resilience as player numbers fluctuate. 

The potential for once-vibrant areas to become desolate with dwindling player activity remains a challenge. With servers accommodating up to 7,000 players, the longevity of player-created content becomes a pivotal factor in Pax Dei’s success.

Not every title can become a timeless classic like Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The lack of full crossplay compatibility hasn’t prevented this gem from being popular nearly a decade later.





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