Is Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay- R6 Cross Progression status?


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Last Updated: October 30, 2023

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With Rainbow Six Siege crossplay finally enabled, it’s time more and more gamers get to enjoy one of the best paid crossplay games. If you’re looking for a complete multiplayer experience instead of a captivating campaign title like Elden Ring, then this is your choice.

So what are the Rainbow Six Siege cross platform options, how do they work on different hardware devices, and how does it affect your gameplay experience depending on the platform? We have you covered, so let’s find out!

Is Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay?

Thankfully, Ubisoft has enabled R6 crossplay since the end of 2022. It’s been over a year now that millions of gamers have been able to partake in one of the most popular FPS titles out there.

But there’s a catch. With so many players trying to access the multiplayer servers from different hardware platforms, competitive integrity had to be kept. If you’re one of the best Warzone players out there or if you’ve tried climbing the Apex ranking system, you would know the difference that a mouse and keyboard make in an FPS title.

Is R6 Cross Platform?

So in order to protect competitive integrity, Ubisoft have not fully made Rainbow Six Siege cross platform. As of 2024, console and PC players still can’t team up on the official multiplayer servers.

When operation Solar Raid dropped on December 6, 2022, the update brought the much anticipated crossplay integration. Since then Rainbow Six Siege crossplay is supported between PC, Stadia, and Luna.

On the flip side, Rainbow Six Siege cross platform integration for consoles is universal. Anyone using Microsoft’s Xbox or Sony’s PlayStation consoles that can run the current version of the game can team up in a multiplayer setting.

Did Rainbow Six Siege Add Cross Play?

So yes technically, Rainbow Six Siege crossplay was added to the game. It’s just that console users must be separated from PC users. Just like it was the case with all Call of Duty games until recently, and most FPS titles in general, aiming on a controller is not as proficient as with a mouse. 

While survival titles like 7 Days to Die and Warframe implement aiming mechanics, those are not as crucial for success as they are in multiplayer FPS titles like Siege. So Ubisoft had to think preemptively before PC players started running the game and everyone else experienced a Resident Sleeper.

Is Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay Between Xbox and PS4

As of 2024, Rainbow Six Siege cross platform play between PlayStation and Xbox consoles is supported. Nearly 7 years after its initial release, the developers decided to bless the community with a crossplay option.

With the crossplay update, all PlayStation and Xbox console users were united to the same multiplayer servers. That also includes the older gen consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay PS5 and Xbox

Similarly, Rainbow Six Siege crossplay between PlayStation 5 and Xbox consoles is supported. The newer generation consoles were at the top of the priority list over at Ubisoft when they were rolling out this crossplay update, so this should be no surprise.

With the crossplay update, all PlayStation and Xbox console users were united to the same multiplayer servers. That also includes the newer gen consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay PS4 and PS5

Likewise, Rainbow Six Siege crossplay between PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles is supported. Both of these consoles use the same hardware platform provided by their manufacturer Sony.

So by design, they are built to have the same capabilities, albeit to differing proficiency. Even before the R6 crossplay update, the 2 pools of players using these consoles could team up in a multiplayer setting. 

Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay PC and Console

Unfortunately, while the R6 crossplay update unites players using multiple hardware platforms, that’s not the case between PC and consoles. As previously mentioned, console and PC users are separated in an online multiplayer setting to preserve the competitive integrity of the game.

Console users can only team up and face other console users. At the same time, PC users can team up with other PC users, and anyone using Stadia or Luna.

Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay Xbox PC

Unfortunately, as of 2024, Rainbow Six Siege cross platform play between PCs and Xbox consoles is not supported. Nearly 7 years after its initial release, the developers decided to bless the community with a crossplay option. 

But that does not include unifying separate hardware platforms. The reasoning behind this is simple. Like in many highly popular online multiplayer FPS titles, aiming differs depending on the platform. That’s why a gaming industry foundation block like CSGO, has remained PC bound for most of its three decade existence.

With the December 2022 crossplay update, all Xbox console users were united to the same multiplayer servers. But the PC, Stadia and Luna users were excluded from it.

Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay PS4 PC

Similarly, Rainbow Six Siege crossplay between PlayStation 4 consoles and PCs is not supported. These older generation consoles are slowly getting phased out by the consumer market.

And as previously mentioned, Ubisoft united all PS4 console users to a single multiple R6 platform. With the R6 crossplay update, all PlayStation and Xbox console users were united to the same multiplayer servers. But that’s not the case with PC users.

Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay PS5 PC

Likewise, Rainbow Six Siege crossplay between PlayStation 5 consoles and PCs is not supported. The newer generation consoles like the PS5 and the Xbox Series X|S were united with the December 2022 R6 crossplay update.

On the other hand PC, Stadia, and Luna users remained bound to their platform. And thus, PS5 console users and PC owners can’t access the same R6 multiplayer servers.

How to Play R6 Crossplay

By default, since the crossplay update, this option in Rainbow Six Siege has always been enabled. But many players in the R6 community prefer to not use this feature. Especially when they enter the ranked queues.

This is because not every platform covered with the R6 crossplay update can run the game as smoothly. And this might impact the gaming experience and thus the end result. So many players choose to turn OFF the crossplay function.

This often results in longer queue times, but players claim it’s worth it. That makes it so that PS5 users can only match up and team up against other PS5 users, offering a more competitive experience.

So how can you turn off Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay? Here’s the step by step guide:

  •  Start up Rainbow Six Siege and access the settings menu
  • Head to the “General” options section
  • Scroll down until you find “Crossplay Matchmaking”
  • Turn this setting “OFF”
  • Find and access the “Crossplay Communication” setting
  • Turn this one OFF as well

R6 Cross Progression

With the same update that allowed R6 crossplay, Ubisoft enabled cross progression for Rainbow Six Siege as well. Up to that point, switching between any of the PlayStation or Xbox consoles meant creating a new account.

The same went for PC players as well, basically starting from scratch. No skins, no operator rosters and no progress in the ranked queues. But the R6 cross progression update fixed all of that.

Now, this feature allows you to play the game on one platform and continue your progression on another. But that is only possible if your Ubisoft account is linked to the target platform. So let’s take a look at how that can be achieved:

  1. Go to the Account Information webpage.
  2. Go to the Linked Accounts section.
  3. Select the Link under the logo of the platform you want to connect
  4. Follow the instructions and your accounts will be linked

Please keep in mind that this process includes a lot of sensitive information, so make sure the correct accounts are connected. Also, it’s important to note that the crossplay update has an impact on which accounts can be linked.

For instance, PC users can only link to their Stadia and Luna accounts. That’s because those are the 2 platforms to which crossplay is enabled. That means that all 3 platforms run the same version of the game, so progress can be transferred.

The same goes for console users as well. If you have created an account on any of the PlayStation or the Xbox consoles, they can only be interlinked with each other. You can’t activate the cross progression feature between a PS5 and PC Rainbow Six Siege account, since those 2 platforms don’t have crossplay enabled. 

Rainbow Six Siege Cross Progression Shared

With that already established, these are the things that this feature will enable you to transfer to your other accounts:

  • Current Rank
  • Rank History
  • Skill MMR
  • Battle Pass progression or Clearance Levels are fully shared between all platforms. Some in-game R6 content will also be shared.

The list of cosmetics that will be shared across platforms includes the following:

  • Alpha Packs
  • Attachment Skins
  • Battle Pass 
  • Battle Pass Rewards
  • also Battle Pass Tokens 
  • Battle Points Boosters
  • Bravo Packs
  • Card Backgrounds
  • Event Packs
  • Headgear
  • Operators
  • Operator Portraits
  • R6 Credits
  • Renown
  • Renown Boosters
  • Uniforms

What is Rainbow Six Siege?

Eight years after its initial release, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is still one of the most popular multiplayer titles out there. This critically acclaimed tactical shooter video title was developed and published by Ubisoft. 

It was released on December 1, 2015, becoming a major success in the competitive shooter genre since then. While it’s mostly praised for its strategic depth, destructible environments, and intense gameplay, it’s the continued developer updates that have kept the title afloat.

Rainbow Six Siege is the sixteenth installment in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Franchise and a worthy follow-up to the highly anticipated and canceled Patriots admission. The title in itself builds upon the same concept previous entries found success with.

R6 Siege is a team-based tactical shooter where players assume the roles of various operators from different counter-terrorism units around the world. The game features asymmetrical gameplay, meaning that each operator has unique abilities and roles.

This makes it a clever mix of hero and tactical shooter titles. In R6 siege, attackers have gadgets that help them to breach and clear rooms, while defenders are equipped with traps and fortifications to protect objectives. 

Players engage in intense 5v5 matches, in an online multiplayer setting, for which R6 crossplay is obviously necessary. But the ranked mode is not the end all be all. The game offers several modes, with the primary mode being the Bomb, where attackers must defuse a bomb while defenders protect it.

There’s also the Hostage mode, where attackers must extract a hostage while defenders prevent them. Additionally, there are Secure Area and Tactical Realism modes, offering diverse gameplay experiences to players.





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