Rocket League Goal Explosions- How to Get Free Goal Explosions in Rocket League?


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Last Updated: May 28, 2024

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Rocket League goal explosions are some of the best things about this game. Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like scoring a goal and having a big visual celebration of your achievement. Even though your opponents might not like it, it’s a pretty PogChamp feeling for you.

Especially if you’re doing it while climbing the Rocket League ranks. Everyone says that it’s not about the end result, but rather the journey to get there. Those people have probably never played some of the best free crossplay games, which usually have very competitive multiplayer modes. So how can you get free goal explosions in Rocket League to better celebrate your success? Let’s find out!

Rocket League Goal Explosions

Rocket League goal explosions transcend the ordinary burst of light. They evolve into captivating cosmetic effects that mark the moment of scoring a goal. These explosions can be more than modest visual displays to elaborate. With animated spectacles included, they turn each goal into a personalized celebration of victory.

It might suck to be on the receiving end, but that’s more motive to become one of the best Rocket League players. In contrast to vehicle skins, goal explosions offer a unique bundle of joy upon scoring. With dynamic animations, gleaming particle effects, and immersive sounds, they often connect to references outside the Rocket League universe.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, goal explosions serve another purpose. Witnessing your opponent’s goal post erupt into a mesmerizing display of chaos is quite demoralizing. You just got owned. These explosions quietly track the number of goals you’ve scored using that specific explosion.

It might be an unconventional way to flaunt your Rocket League prowess, but for those who appreciate the quirky side of competition, it adds an extra layer of personality to your in-game accomplishments.

How to Get Free Rocket League Goal Explosions

Getting completely free Rocket League goal explosions can be a bit challenging. As a free-to-play title, Rocket League has shifted its money-making approach to the likes of League of Legends.

Get as many people as possible to play your game and worry about monetizing later. Thus many cosmetic items, including goal explosions, are often tied to events, rewards, or in-game purchases. However, there are some ways to potentially acquire items without spending real money:

  • Season Rewards: If you participate in competitive Rocket League game modes, you can aim to achieve higher ranks to earn season rewards. At the end of each competitive season, players receive rewards based on their highest achieved rank, and these rewards can include goal explosions.
  • Rocket Pass: The Rocket Pass is a battle pass system that has both free and premium tiers. By playing the game and leveling up your Rocket Pass, you can unlock free goal explosions and other cosmetic items.

The best way would be to spend $10 for the seasonal pass. If you reach level 120 which is quite easily done, you get a 1000 credits back. With these, you can buy a new seasonal pass next season and do that over and over again. That way you recycle $10 to farm hundreds of items.

How to Get Free Goal Explosions in Rocket League

  • Events and Challenges: Keep an eye on special in-game events and challenges. Psyonix regularly hosts limited-time events with specific challenges that, when completed, reward players with free items, including goal explosions. This is one of your best bets to acquire free Rocket League goal explosions.

If you perform well enough in these tournaments, you can earn a lot of points, which are then redeemable. It might not be enough for the goal explosion effect you wanted, but free alternatives require a grind.

  • Promotional Giveaways: Psyonix occasionally runs promotional giveaways or collaborations. These giveaways may provide players with free items, including goal explosions, and may coincide with special events or partnerships.

Your best bet to achieve this is to follow Rocket League esports very closely. Anyone in the host channel’s Twitch chat is eligible for a drop, so it’s just a game of luck. Your chance will improve the more time you have spent.

  • Influencer Giveaways: Make sure to follow your favorite Rocket League content creators on their social media outlets. Many of them will organize giveaways with content being gifted to them by the developers if they’re partnered, or out of their own pockets in order to grow their brand.
  • Limited-Time Modes: Certain limited-time game modes may offer unique rewards for participation or specific achievements. Check these modes during special events for potential free items.

How to Get Goal Explosions in Rocket League

If you’re willing to spend a bit of change on some eye candy, then this becomes much easier. After all, video games are still a business that needs to make money. Even the best upcoming 2024 MMOs are facing monetization backlash.

To buy goal explosions in Rocket League, you can use the in-game item shop or the trading system. Here’s how you can do it.

In-Game Item Shop

  • Open Rocket League: Launch the Rocket League game on your preferred platform.
  • Navigate to the Item Shop: Look for the “Item Shop” option in the main menu. This is where you can purchase various cosmetic items, including goal explosions.
  • Browse Available Items: Explore the items available in the shop. The shop’s inventory is refreshed regularly with new items, so check back frequently.
  • Select and Purchase: Once you find a goal explosion you like, select it, and follow the on-screen prompts to purchase it using the in-game currency, which is usually Credits.

Trading System

  • Trading Basics: Rocket League has a player-to-player trading system where you can exchange items with other players. You can trade items you own for items that other players are willing to part with.
  • Find a Trader: Connect with other players who have the goal explosion you want or are willing to trade for it. This can be done through in-game chat, Rocket League communities, or trading platforms.
  • Propose a Trade: If you find a willing trader, initiate a trade in the game. Offer items you have for trade and request the goal explosion you want in return.
  • Complete the Trade: If both parties agree on the trade, complete the transaction in the game. The items will be exchanged between the two players.
  • It’s important to note that Credits are the in-game currency used for purchasing items. You may need to buy Credits through the game’s store using real money. Also, there are different types of goal explosions. Some of these are more rare than others and thus have a higher perceived value. And most importantly, don’t get scammed.

All Goal Explosions Rocket League 

So what are the best Rocket League goal explosions? Let’s find out! Rocket League boasts a diverse array of goal explosions, each offering a unique combination of visual and auditory effects. These include:

  • Standard Goal Explosion: The default burst of light that comes with the game.
  • Black Market Goal Explosions: High-tier explosions with elaborate effects, often obtained through crates, blueprints, or the item shop. If you’re looking for Rocket League goal explosions that cover the whole map, these might fit your bill.
  • Import Goal Explosions: Mid-tier explosions with distinct effects, accessible through crates, blueprints, or the item shop.
  • Exotic Goal Explosions: Rare and valuable explosions with special effects, typically found in crates or the item shop.
  • Limited Edition Goal Explosions: Tied to specific events or promotions, these are only available for a limited time.
  • Seasonal and Collaborative Explosions: Themed around holidays, events, or collaborations with other franchises, offering a unique visual experience.

Rocket League has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. One of the most captivating features of the adrenaline-fueled vehicular soccer game is the dynamic goal explosions that add a unique flair to every score.





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